conversations in the raw

5 Jan

Well Hello Pardner I Say

but the tall man with the enormous hat said nothing

Not Very Friendly I See I Say With A Bit Of Annoyance

i’d be friendlier if i could afford it

he said and the silence returned

Well If You’d Talk More Maybe….Then You’d

i don’t care for chit-chat he said

i like my conversations in the raw

and he seemed to have grown taller by then

Sorry, Fella. I Didn’t Mean To Offend

Just Being


No! I Say Let Sleeping Dogs Lie!

i’d rather talk to a dog than you

dogs always tell the truth

What?? A Dog? Look, I…

dogs don’t waste time like humans do

Huh? Is This Your Idea Of A Conversaton?

yeah, i suppose it is, did you know something friend?

If It Isn’t Too Raw, I Like My Conversations Cooked

ha ha


we were both silent for a bit and i thought i felt a raindrop hit my chin

did you know dog is god spelled backward? he said

i couldn’t see his face but i’m sure it held a grin

i didn’t say anything

i would have been friendlier

but i couldn’t afford it


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