it just might happen one day

13 Jan


a stroll through the park

with the sea breeze in our hair

whoever said life was totally fair?

it goes by too fast

and the ride is in need of repair

but no matter what you say

i won’t let it spoil me

for it just might happen one day

i might see your ragged face

i might touch your hand in grace

we see the sun about to set

and we quicken our pace

saying the things that we both know

are comforting lies

nobody likes it when somebody they like dies

but let’s not speak of that now

and feel the ground beneath us

and hear the seagulls call to one another

whatever we wish for can actually come true

for the truth is where we came from and to which we return

the rest is just passing through

but dry your eyes now

and look upon that not so distant horizon

can you see them all gather?

all those people you loved

and never thought you’d ever see again

it just might happen

one day



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