when it all goes kaplooie

25 Jan

so who do you think is gonna win the prize?

when do you think the sky is going to explode?

so grab a burger and a beer and give a hearty cheer

when it all goes kaplooie

i hope i’m not too near

because i fear that this bowl is already cracked

somebody has been messing around in the dark

severing all our lifelines

so when it gets bad, oops! i mean if it gets bad

there will be no way to cross over

they can only watch in horror

but you know

i worry too much about these things

it’s like the cop said

if a nut job wants to go to work

a million cops couldn’t stop him from punching in

so grab yet another beer and maybe some nachos

and let these games begin

let the Grand Pooba with his stupid toupee

lead the way!

a celebration of wealth and privilege

who would want to spoil such a day as that?

relax, don’t worry

it’s gonna be quite a show before it all goes black

when it all goes kaplooie



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