expectation held a party

21 Jun

expectation went ahead and had a party

that very night

expectation could not wait

and hope was there with a cake she baked all by herself

and nervous anticipation stood near the door

eyes wide and saying Hello far too many times

“where is everybody?” hope asked anxiously

expectation knew disappointment and his posse

were outside spraying obscenities upon his wall

“it’s no use!”, “give it up!” they would cry out and laugh

until poor little nervous anticipation began to cry

“They will all be here soon, I’m sure!” hope said

and smiled in a way only she could smile

“I can’t stand waiting” expectation replied

“check your phone, maybe someone has texted.”

“maybe it will be alright, and

disappointment won’t come crashing in

and gobble up your pretty cake.”

“I’m sure everything will be just fine!” said patience

whom no one until now had noticed

sitting quietly with her hands neatly folded

upon her lap

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