i don’t mean to complain but…

12 Jul

you know i don’t really mean to complain but….

your butt has cracked my rear view mirror

and your smiling face has become a face of terror

souls driving south in search of something truthful

and finding death being dealt out wholesale

and the marching and the headlines and the OMG’s

well you can shit in a bucket or shit in the sea

makes no difference to me

but still…i don’t mean to raise a stink but don’t you think

these naked business practices and no holds barred

political piss-off practitioners

have gone so far that that they can’t even see that line anymore

the one no one was supposed to cross

without the appropriate hand gestures

i don’t mean to complain, cause offense, or stir things up

but i can see what’s going down and i can see what’s up

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