life without a rug

18 Aug

OMG! someone just pulled the rug

from beneath our tender feet

and so we lie there bruised and bleeding

shocked that such a thing could have occurred

some go searching in alleyways

finding a piece of the rug here and there

but nobody wanted to sew it back together

“I never liked that rug anyway!” somebody shouted

“It’s a conspiracy! Nobody wants me to be happy!”

“Damn them! Damn them all!

God damn rug pulling sons of bitches!”

one voice got lost in all the loud shouting

“maybe we can do without a rug”

“perhaps the rug was precisely the problem”

“now we are free to make it all up as we go along”

“isn’t that exciting?”

“NO!”shouted the crowd

“It’s a lot of hard work!!”

“somebody needs to give us a new rug!”

and so it goes…

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