i’ll show you mine if….

19 Aug

somebody has to step out into the light

and confront this crazy darkness swirling

round our heads

going berserk with so many questions

not an easy time to be polite

everybody wants to know what the other person

is packing

beneath that rude smile

somebody just needs to take a chance

on love

i’ll show you mine if…

you show me yours

take as many pictures as you like

make as many comments as you care to

spilling out your brains upon the page

publish all of it online

our lies have been leaking out all of our lives

may as well get something out of it, right?

let’s deal with this dance of the dead

with a new dance all our own

showing all the cards we are holding

and astound one another with

what we are exposing

making it all good again

with our loving gaze


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