something you don’t know

17 May

Whoa! Slow down there pardner!

yelled the red faced man with the ten gallon hat

let me tell ya a story make your hair stand on end

an’ after i’m done, well…you be the judge

i don’t need yet another horror to add to my list

i said, i got places to go now and no time for it yet

yeah, well i can tell by the look in your eye that

you got more goin’ on than most folks round town

you think you know all ya need to know, i know

i know all about ya, pardner, the man said between

spitting out gobs of tobacco

let me tell you something you don’t know

there be things goin on outside our field of vision

split your head wide open like a melon

things ya wouldn’t wish on your own worst enemy

i’m tellin ya cause i think you might be the one who could

oh hell, i can tell by your stance you don’t wanna hear no more

you know what you know and that suits you just fine

you don’t want to hear about how it’s all out of our hands

these things were written down a long time ago

these things were planned

and then he moseyed on down the street

whistling to himself some old Chuck Berry tune

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