of this i cannot write

6 Jun

i have learned from many long nights

of defending what i had thought were my

deepest beliefs

to have respect for the silence which stands

witness to all our words and deeds

no judgement, no sentence, no execution

only silence

of this i cannot write

but it is here that i find comfort and solace

i have learned from the wells of the deepest despair

to have reverence for that which i cannot fathom

the wellspring of my existence

the self of all selves, the soul of all souls

at least these are my words

written within the comfort of a well lit home

while outside these walls i am afflicted and addicted

given up for dead, if not dead already

but of this i should not, could not, will not write

for i am because i am, i love because that is all there is

after removing all those masks i often wear

the masks of vanity



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