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no more pussyfooting

24 Feb

ok so they have had enough

of my flip flops, my greener pastures

my exploding upon the scene

like a blunderbuss

no more pussyfooting

this shit is serious

put on your wading boots

cause the levee done gone busted

and there can’t be no more lead

in your pants

they’ve had enough of boneyards

and kids that won’t stop crying

clean up on aisle five

no more pussyfooting y’all

this shit is serious


23 Feb

nature keeps no books

no records of transgressions

nature wounds and nature heals


nature knows no truth

other than the truth that

can’t be written or spoken

nature flows where it will

free of consultation

nature knows no categories

only practicalities

whatever works for nature


got no chips in me!

22 Feb

well i hop when i hop

and i stop when i stop

nobody gonna track me down


i got no chips

i got no chips

i got no chips in me!

so when i walk

i walk with me head held high

and when i talk

i talk out loud


i got no chips

i got no chips

i got no chips in me!


with intelligence comes…..

21 Feb

with intelligence comes impatience

and glitches, boondoggles and happenstance

with intelligence comes worry

and tedious regrets

and loneliness

with intelligence comes fear

of that which one does not yet know

so much better to be ignorant

and innocent

giggling when the sunshine

floods into the room

it’s nothing personal

20 Feb

it’s nothing personal, i thought

just a casual sacrament

given on an off day

love is an advertising campaign

i thought i knew it all along

it’s nothing personal

just a fading journal log

it seems as though i am more than myself

everything was decided long ago

but to what i agreed

i don’t know

death is but a crown

a grim gathering of those

who would think of their own demise

but it’s nothing personal, i thought

we are but puzzle pieces

scattered about a child’s floor



perfectly poised

19 Feb

i’m perfectly poised to point

to pick, to pawn, to pour, to prick

i’m quite possibly at the pinnacle

of my peace

sweetly paused upon my perch

i smell of pineapple, plum and peach

perfectly poised to please

placed in my pulpit to preach

of placid days filled with picnics

yes! quite possibly at the peak

of my prosperity

at the pinnacle of my peace

hunky dory

18 Feb

everything was alright until just now

as the river overflowed it’s banks

my key won’t fit and the headlines

are all crazy with lies disguised as truth

and truth disguised as lies

the man in charge says everything is just fine

it’s hunky dory

functioning like a well oiled machine

nothing to see here, just the same old story

a tale of imaginary glory

nobody knows what to think

so they yell

and when they get tired of yelling

they just smile

it’s all just fine, it’s hunky dory

ahh! to be clean again!

17 Feb

oh yes! to feel the rain upon my chest!

each drop taking away a moment of grief

ahh! to be clean again!

to know that the letter within the letterbox

need not be feared

all my debts are paid

and i can fly away to a distant land

where grudges are forgotten

and the gardens are in full flower

and the sweet warm rain pierces my pores

ahh! to be clean again!

let me get this straight

16 Feb

let me get this straight

for this path curves all around

until it takes me back to where

i’m fround

(and that’s not even a word)

let me make myself clear

for the view as you peer

deep inside this kid grown old

is murky and dense with slog

i may need some help with this

for i can no longer see as far

as i can reach and

something has come undone

could you please just get the eye

into the hook?

i just can’t seem to manage it

oh my gosh!

15 Feb

oh my gosh!

my car ain’t got no driver

like a headless ape i wander

through streets with eyes

that record me as i stumble

headless as i am

oh my gosh!

could it be that i died long ago

and these are the virtual remains?

could someone please explain?

“i’m sorry. I didn’t quite get that.

could you repeat the question?”