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what kind of demon?

16 Jul

what kind of demon

would push you past the brink

of human kindness

into a numb zone

a kind of emptiness

in which your cries of anguish

are muffled by years of dead air?

what kind of demon is this?

who peers around the corner

and lurks just inside your doorway


spoiling the happiest of days?

could this demon be myself

whom i’ve betrayed?

can i forgive the devil himself?

i’ve had enough of

15 Jul

i’ve had enough of the screaming eagles

puff n’ stuff

lord of the rings

i’ve had enough of holy rock n’ rollers

and all those guns and roses

pez dispensers

quality neckties

i’ve spent my life with these guys

and yet, here we are on a lonely street

checked in to that heartbreak motel

with no hot running water

i’ve had enough of hastily written poems

playing around in that field of dreams

i never did really like baseball


14 Jul

if i could fly i’d carry our past

upon my back

Buck Rogers and the Queen of Sheba

and never look back

if i could cry i’d cry for all the spilled milk

that has ever been spilled

and be done with it

but i cannot fly and I cannot cry

i am flabbergasted over the extent

of my stupidity

and flummoxed over the abundance

of my junk

oh well oh well said the drunken man

to the clock, i guess

it’s time to go

a life spent in a trance

13 Jul

i got 13 reasons to give it up

but i’ll never say

13 razors in my cabinet

i’m ready for anything

for i’ve been living my life

this way for too long

cheaper by the dozen

have gun will travel

it’s time i took a flying leap

into the wide open spaces

a life spent in a trance

is no life at all

if somebody got some ants

please put them in my pants

this is the day, 12 reasons to stay

but 13 reasons to go

no fries with that

thank god it’s friday!



not sure what to think

11 Jul

i’m not sure what to think any more

what i read swirls around

all the letters rearrange themselves

into something i have difficulty recognizing

i’m not sure what to feel anymore

i can feel the push and pull

the many attractions and revulsions

competing for my attention

so many people would love to capture

my heart

and sell it on ebay

i confess

9 Jul

i confess i didn’t

see you

didn’t believe you

didn’t invite you in

i confess i didn’t feed you

didn’t listen to your story

didn’t walk with you

didn’t hold you close

when i saw what was in

your eyes

i confess

i was only me

and no one else

no hand extended

no welcoming smile

i confess

let there be

8 Jul

let there be clarity

where there is confusion

let there be levity

where there is dread

let there be light

where there is darkness

let there be magnificence

where there is banality

let there be surprise

where there is predictibility

let there be poetry

where there is drudgery


the government thinks

7 Jul

the government thinks i’m made

out of money

got hidden assets in the Amazon rain forest

a mansion on each coast

a bitcoin billionaire

the government thinks i should be able

to hand over two thirds of what i earn

without complaint

ah yes the joys of retirement

living off of a meager government handout

people worry about mindless automation

we are already ruled by robots

they are called the government

i shant wish to boast

5 Jul

i shant wish to boast

but i think in azure tones

on summer afternoons

lying back back way way back

until i am able to wiggle my toes

i shant wish to boast

but my feet never seem to touch

the ground and my teeth never

seem to be pointy

and if i squint really hard

i can see Missouri

right from my own backyard

i insist upon insanity

when sanity does not suffice

and i always ask for more ice

however….i shant wish to boast

our flag is still there

4 Jul

tattered maybe

colors faded

copies of it on handbags

shiny in it’s glitter

people even have this flag

upon their shoes

everywhere but upon the pole

where it is at it’s best

flying in the face of adversity

we may be lying in a ditch


but our eyes are upon the stars

we are all equal in the eyes of God

free to live without fear

of what lies beyond our borders

and without fear of one another

our flag is still there