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it is what it isn’t

23 Jun

whatever… is what it is

spoken in a sullen resignation

life is crap and it doesn’t get any better

well i think i prefer a pleasant fantasy

and pretend i am wearing a swanky suit

instead of being naked and wounded

i say

it is what it isn’t

life is a wonderful gift and i can make of it

what i will, make it up as i go along

i’m not sad, i’m happy

i’m not angry, i’m in love with the world


i’ve yet to ketchup

22 Jun

i’ve yet to ketchup

so much going on and everyone says

to be sure to use a condiment

too old to cut the mustard, they say

but i choose to eat in the raw

and take what they say with a grain

of salt

no ketchup for me

i don’t care about the snapchat

didn’t even care when chitchat was

the thing

i’ve yet to ketchup, walking slowly

not quite up to speed




my lover say hey

21 Jun

hey! come over here bra!

my lover say hey

we have not even met

she say and hey! why not hey?

i am so tired of waiting just

on the other side of life

i just wanna be with you ok?

ok bra?

i long to have you here with me

in this funny place where only

word on a page exist

hey! don’t finish up now, bra

we just gettin’ started


h owha rd canit b e ?

20 Jun

jus  tstring  ingto   geth  erwords

oneafter t  heot  her

h owha rd canit b  e ?

pr ettydar  n ha rda s ittu rnsout

po emsar en’tf  orama te urs

don ‘  ttrythi  s a tho me

(Ah! I’m awake now!

so much better! must have been hell

on the spell checker.)

caring can seem like…

19 Jun

for the tortured

everything is a form of torture

even caring can seem like bullying

leave me to my own insanity

it may be hard and it may be dark

but it’s mine, and you

can never enter

caring can seem like an invasion

of the body snatcher

depriving them of that disease

they had thought they could never

be without

caring can seem like so many weird things

to the tortured

i’m sorry that i’m not sorry

18 Jun

so many petty crimes are committed

for which i have no memory

slights and insults mistaken for conversations

i’m sorry that i’m not sorry

i wish my step were lighter

i wish my face were not so ugly

sometimes i feel like a soldier

caught in a war that no one declared

and yet here we are

tossing bombs at one another

and worse yet, i didn’t even know

what i tossed was a bomb

i thought it was a witty observation

sunny days are good for…

17 Jun

sunny days are good for forgiveness

for letting bygones be bygones

who can stay mad when the sky is so blue

and the air is as warm as freshly buttered toast?

sunny days are good for your mind

as it settles upon the scene like a hummingbird

settling upon a blossom

cherishing each color, each texture

sunny days are good for that

good for artists, good for musicians

good for taking as many clothes off as you can

and strolling beside the sparkling waters of the bay

sunny days are good for the young and the old

sunny days are good for the soul

waiting for that sucker punch

16 Jun

waiting for that message from out of the blue

waiting for somebody just like you to say

i’ve had enough of hand me down imagination

i want to make this all up myself

waiting for that long long bus to paradise

standing room only. hoping to squeeze in

waiting for the bongo bozo to play his tune solo

everybody else has had their instruments

broken, stolen, or confiscated

waiting for that sucker punch nobody saw coming

the one that will bring down the tent

and send all those rascals to running

i’ll be there grinning in the end zone

holding up those golden gloves

that makes sense i thought

15 Jun

that makes sense i thought

as i eased my way inside the box

the bright red one they sell at Target

but then my toes hurt, and my nose

was caught in a nook i mistook

for a cranny

but that makes sense i thought

as that pb sandwich i ate

led to stomach cramps

it’s too tight in here and too hot

i need to breathe, i need to stretch out

i guess we all need plenty of nonsense

just to survive the box we’ve put

ourselves in, thinking

this makes sense

i’m the bug in your ear

14 Jun

if you’re wondering why you’re having

second thoughts

it’s because i’ve asked you to reconsider

i am always there, aren’t i?

the speck in your cereal

the pebble in your shoe

the mote in your eye

the bug in your ear

that little voice that says “wait”

“are you sure you want to do this?”

and of course my answer is always


sorry about that, but i really can’t help it

i’m that little bit of grit around which forms

a pearl