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have you ever felt?

6 Dec

have you ever felt like you didn’t exist?

that you were an imposter

filling in for an actor who called in sick?

the audience knows that you are not what you claim

and yet they play along

anything else would be impolite

has it ever felt this way to you?

as if you weren’t yourself

and your friends and loved ones know this too?

but they are careful not to let on

but still…you can tell that they can tell

have you ever felt this way and didn’t want to say?

all in good time

5 Dec

soon i shall lean back and gaze

upon the placid waters of my contentment

but not quite yet, there are missions to accomplish

flags to be planted upon places newly discovered

but my plans have been laid

my life will be peaches and honey

all in good time

my arms may ache as i reach for the next rung

upon this rickety old ladder of age

and my legs may buckle at times

from the loads that still must be carried

my lips crack from the sun, my eyes squint from the dust

as i cross this desert of lost hopes and desires

gazing upon a distant city

patience is a hard won virtue

all in good time, all in good time

the middle pillar

4 Dec

there are signs of love and

there are signs of hatred

sometimes on the same day

an act of kindness is followed by

an act of war

but while the pillar of mercy

cannot support the portal

without the pillar of severity

there is a middle pillar

compassionate but just

weighing the soul against a feather

be it sunny, be it stormy

whatever the weather


3 Dec

we shall take that which is broken

and make it whole

we shall taste that which is bitter

and make it sweet

we shall embolden the weak

and make them strong

we shall stretch out our arms

deep into the darkness

and bring soft and soothing light

we shall take what is wrong

and make it right

we shall lift our hearts with song

until every soul is back

where every soul belongs


not a good day for a party

2 Dec

today is a day of reflection

of digging a hole for protection

a day of shaking out the rug

not of basking in the sun

not time for hi jinks

or people tying themselves to a rocket

not a good day for a party

this a day not well suited for celebration

but a great day for a poem


1 Dec

a few words about normal

some people wish they were normal

but normal changes over time

what once was usual can now lead to a lawsuit

is this the new normal? we ask

and it’s getting harder to joke about things

and that’s not normal, that’s sick

or is it even normal to want to be normal?

does normal even exist?

everything appears normal from a great distance

a bright blue ball spinning in space

but up close you can see all the jagged edges


it’s a new day

30 Nov

it’s a new hat

it’s a new cat

it’s a new way to walk

it’s a new way to talk

funny how things go

it’s a new way of letting everyone know

the wheel has turned

old ways are gone

new ways are in

it’s a new day

espresso rub

29 Nov

i’ve been stewing on the stove

for far too long

i need some espresso rub

to make me soft and pliable again

with a taste to savor


rub it in gently but firmly

and let the espresso

give expression to my soul

absorbing all the anger, sadness and pain

leaving only softness

a ghost of a chance

28 Nov

maybe if i close my eyes for a while

i will see you

a ghost of a chance

a glimmer, a shimmer

taking shape upon the stage of my soul

maybe if i take a little break from that

conversation with myself

i will hear you

a ghost of a chance

a whisper, a sigh

something moving just out

of the corner of my eye


27 Nov






and once i am home

i find that i have no more to say

except thanks