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the bullies in my life

14 May

As I was growing up

there were many bullies

i spent many a day worrying

which of course, was what they wanted

and now, as i approach my twilight years

there are bullies still

who are very annoyed that i won’t laugh

when they act like an ass

and when i spent sleepless nights

they consider themselves vindicated

are these people merely a reflection

of the bully inside of myself

what an ugly thought

but whoever said the truth is pretty

a world gone wonky

13 May

every time i try to straighten something out

it gets tangled once again

wrong gets mixed up with right

up with down and all around

ants in my pants

doin’ that funky barnyard dance

a world gone wonky

this is the kind of place you

end up in

when dreams collide

everybody gets what’s coming to them

and it’s coming from all directions

care for a little dodge ball, my dear?

another day

12 May

it’s not just another day

it’s an event without proportion

shining, shouting, sprouting

bursting boldly from it’s bounds

the very soul of the universe

is revealed

on this day

if you simply take the time to see

and hear, and rejoice

all eternity is wrapped up

into one sunny spring day

all days are this day

there can be no other

there is a delay

11 May

there is a delay

between what i want and

what i get

and communication can become


leading to an upset mind

there is a delay before

the drug takes effect

calming the anxious soul

you can’t know

before you know

there is a delay

call waiting

10 May

there’s a call waiting

from a not so distant future

with important information

concerning decisions i must make

but i keep missing that call

and the waiting continues day after day

who is calling? why are they calling?

something i need to do

to survive?

how can i know what i don’t know?

why do i keep missing that call?


strapped to a rocket

9 May

on a day like today

it’s as if i were strapped to a rocket

blasting off into a gnarly unknown

i worry, perhaps needlessly, about my crew

they go about their tasks, perhaps heedlessly

oblivious to the danger

but as our speed increases the options narrow

we are attached to our destiny

as if by a rope

no turning back now

my secret identity

8 May

you may think you know me well

but you’ve got to promise not to tell

for i have a secret identity

at times, between sips of morning coffee

i may be called upon to save the world

that’s when i slip into my super tight costume

whoa! a little too tight in some areas

don’t want to give away all my secrets

all of this takes place in a parallel universe

which stays the same as i grow older

i’m hoping that someday i may stay there

wouldn’t that be swell, wouldn’t that be good?




7 May

sunny, breezy days

walks along the promenade

gradually everyone shows a little

more skin

gradually everyone smiles just

a little bit more

gradually the poems become

a little less heavy

a little less dark

it’s another day

another day in May

a lone

6 May

why is it, i have often wondered

that i have lived the life i’ve lived

a lone

a lone figure upon a heavily populated


perpetually spinning in my own orbit

coming close to other planets

but never touching

there have been a few close calls though

when the gravitational pull of another

strips away parts of me

leaving craters

so brief a time

5 May

when i was a kid

i rarely thought about time

except to think that everything

took way too long to happen

but now that i am an old coot

i don’t give a doggone hoot

one moment things are just so

just the way i like it

i blink my eyes and it’s gone

with only photographs to remind me

that it happened at all

so brief a time, this life

so brief a time