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the big collapse

14 Feb

there won’t be fire from the sky

oh no

there won’t be the big fish

the big blow or the big show

just a sudden giving way

of all that has supported us

the big collapse

the great big hole

and centuries from now

something will discover what remains

don’t take it for granite

for it’s more like a soap bubble

poof! it’s gone!

oh nooooooo!


13 Feb

how long must i keep my


how long must i save my


they stuff up my drawers

drawing attention to times

long forgotten

why did i keep this movie stub?

or this handwritten note?

it meant something to me once

time cannot be held in the hand

everything, even that precious memory

becomes a blank wall

waiting for that fresh coat of paint

out this way

12 Feb

out this way there are no people

least not the kind i recognize

out this way there are no streets

paths or marks upon trees

out this way the wind moans

and groans with an ancient misery

out this way the ocean is alive

with memories

out this way the sky is on fire

so many mistakes have been made

even so

11 Feb

uncertainly preys upon our land

no one wishes to look

they draw the dark red curtains

and sit brooding by the fire

even so

i am happy

for my happiness does not depend

upon pomp and circumstance

but upon a stillness at the center

which has a voice which rarely speaks

but when it does…

it is the loudest voice you’ve ever heard

even so

i go about my day the same

be it sunshine, be it rain

it is all the same within the stillness

my face, my hands, my feet, my brain

10 Feb

my face has no color

my hands hold no banner

my feet take me where i wish to go

my brain has no allegiance

my face is a true face

worn yet young

my hands are true hands

wrinkled yet eager

my feet are true feet

ugly yet sturdy

my brain is a true brain

strange yet magnificent

and to my brother

9 Feb

and to my brother i may say

“do i dare to take this journey

straight into the heart of loneliness?”

to which my brother may reply

“being alone is a sin against the truth.

for the truth like water seeps into the

pores, and like fire it leaps across that

gulf of meaninglessness which so

torments you, and like the earth,

the truth will support even the

tiniest bit of existence and give it

it’s day in the sun.”

and to my brother i am indebted

for this entanglement of truth

which takes care of it’s own

nowhere near

8 Feb

we are nowhere near

the finish line

celebration time

not the time to pop the cork

or dive in to the pork

we are nowhere near

anything goes

papa joe’s

we are stuck like a weed

growing out from between a rock

and a very hard place

nowhere near

those sun baked days

our destination is a dot

upon a strange horizon

no, i’m good

7 Feb

would you like to increase the size

of your wood?

if you would we could take a look

under your hood.

no, i’m good

fine as can be

fit as a fiddle

with the firmest of wood

under my hood

are you sure you don’t want

to advantage of our offer?

we got a thousand dollar rebate

if you buy a new life

no money down

no, i’m good

i like my life lived in

worn and wrinkled

i’m good but thank you anyway

i’m good


blessed with bliss

5 Feb

if we only knew, if we only cared

we are in the hands of someone

so large that the universe cannot contain

and whatever happens

even within the midst of our

worst nightmares

we are not forgotten

if we knew this deeply within our bones

we would blessed with bliss

all our days

but we don’t and so

another adventure in life begins

i must admit

4 Feb

i must admit

i have no idea what to write


the sky is blue and the clouds

are beautiful but with a touch

of grey, rain is on it’s way

everything is as it is

and that is fine

for now

i must admit

i have no other choice

the truth

it needs few words