19 Mar

crouch down low with your eyes

on the prize

this is your jump shot

jump up and down like a clown

jump the fence

jump over the line

jump tall buildings in a single bound

jump in the middle of

whatever is happening

jump for joy

crouch low for your moment

this is your jump shot

somebody throw me a bone

18 Mar

lights gone out

so i stick another bulb in the hole

banana overripe and the coffee

tastes like last night’s tea

i’m need of some new kind of


this one is frayed at the edges

somebody throw me a bone

hang out a net

and catch me on the way down

just another day

17 Mar

there’s waxing, and then waning

there’s working, and then playing

there’s those who chew gum

and those who don’t

those who smack their lips

when they speak

and those who don’t

there are wells full of water

and wells that are dry

people who whistle

and people who cry

there are birds upon the line

and dogs that whimper and whine

this is not




when fake is fake

16 Mar

what do you do when to do

is only an approximation

a failed state of diminished expectations?

words lose meaning when repeated

too often

how can we get back to brass tacks

when the tacks have become plastic

push pins, holding up a copy of a

facsimile pulled off of some geek’s

thumb drive?

when the news that news is fake

is fake

we’re falling and falling

with no hard ground upon which

to land


15 Mar

i guess this is another one

for the X-Files

enough to make you jump right

out of your XXX skin

and become the latest member

of the X Men

just sign on the X

make your X

or X it out of existence

X is a wall, X is a barrier

do not pass X warns

for what lies beyond will both

thrill and kill

at least this is what we are lead to believe

but when those faceless masters

say Don’t!

I will always say Do!

because every Geography professor knows

X marks the spot

X you are here

only then…

14 Mar

when all cups are filled

and bellies as well

when anyone can be as they are

naked before the world

without shame

when the oceans have no garbage

and the skies are clear

when no one need fear

another’s gaze

or embrace

only then…

shall i write

this is our happy hour

these are our glorious days

cut by the edges of things

13 Mar

the world has become sharp

with corners jutting into my

soft underbelly

i am cut

by the edges of things

people speak as if they have fangs

and long claws

blood lust rules the streets

we have been shattered

leaving the razor sharp shards

to wound us as we try to walk

about a battle scarred landscape

zero days

12 Mar

precious is the time

which lies between the days

the hour which is lept

each spring

therein lies the secret place

where we all can live as we like

free of the watchful eye

of the false one

our universe is full of holes

and time is whatever we agree

is time

zero days

since we stepped from the void

zero days

till we return

keep your wits about you

11 Mar

sometimes when each day

looks just like another

the lines are long

and the wind is strong

better keep your wits about you

for when you’re several days late

and more than a dollar short

life can be tedious

when your wits have left you

to lie on a sunny beach in Florida

so give your wits a reason to stay

with each breath you draw

there comes a chance

for delight

you’ll be dancing with the stars


little tommy simple

10 Mar

little tommy simple is becoming

a pest

he pees in the garbage and makes

a big mess

and he shouts in a voice much larger

than himself

and i really really hate it when he

pokes me in the chest

little tommy simple isn’t as little

as he was

but no matter how much he tries

to impress

he’s still tommy simple even

at his best

how he became so simple

is anybody’s guess

maybe he’s one of a long line

of simpletons

making a mess