7 Mar


love is contagious

and habit forming

you may find yourself dwelling

on the welfare of another

instead of yourself

until it becomes an obsession

and obsessive love is the worst kind


the touch of a hand can lead to an embrace

disguised as a hug

then you’ll dream all the day long

of being snug as a bug in a rug

with your love

keep this out of the reach of minors



6 Mar

what about artifacts?

can art be a matter of fact?

actual, unambiguous


there is comfort in holding something

right in your hand

an artifact

a tangible piece of history

a physical manifestation of a dream

art is ephemeral, a will o’ the wisp

but something invaluable when

attached to a fact

i like old things/i like new things

5 Mar

i like old things

that have some wear and tear

even objects have feelings

a memory and a fear of being tossed

into the garbage

i like new things

that feel young and fresh

so i can pretend

like i did when i was ten

old new it’s just a flip of the coin

dark then light, black then white

i like them both



looney bin

4 Mar

one light bulb is blown

and the hair is all gone

one step no longer leads

to another

welcome to life in the looney bin

where laughter leads to sorrow

and sorrow, of course

leads to laughter

like a fart at a funeral

that sort of thing

again and again and again

while waiting for the other bulb

to blow

and so it goes

3 Mar

and so it goes

a sudden shift in emphasis

what once was clear is now muddy

and what once was funny can

now lead to a prison sentence

round and round it goes

and nobody knows when or where

it will stop

and so it goes

all those promises given to the dead


and so it goes

a fresh new day

2 Mar

a new day

fresh farm eggs

words are spoken

never spoken before

expressions are invented

to be more inviting

for the new is

a newer new

hatched from our imagination

we can approach one another

and reach out our hands

in invitation to a fresh new day

so clear

1 Mar

it was so clear

that i had to look away

did you see what i saw?

i’d say

bright and pure and ominous

rising up fresh from the ground

i can feel with my eyes

every bump and grind

tedious yet fascinating

i t wa s so cl ear t o me

ho w ab out you?


rewind, fast forward

28 Feb

i wish my life could be like

a tape machine

i could rewind or fast forward

i’d replace so many events

and record a better version

i’d skip past the present

and all it’s disappointments

and bask in the fabulous future

but life isn’t like that, is it?

we are stuck with the choices we made

and replay them again and again

and the only way out is the way through

step after step after step after step


some of you people

27 Feb

some of you people need to hold up

fess up, grow up, before we blow up

straight up, this shit is real

some of you people need to speak up

take up, pile up, or at least

you can show up

some of you people need to shut up

take some time to look around

before you speak so loud

and with such certainty

someday maybe

up up and away we’ll go

in our beautiful balloons

but today is overcast

and we got some work to do


textures and patterns

26 Feb

i want to feel the texture

of the truth

i want to trace the pattern

of the absolute

take each letter of the alphabet

and twist it into something else

a whole new language

because the old textures and patterns

have become decrepit and insane

a ruin of a world once fresh and pristine

i want to feel the textures and the patterns

of the future

and learn this new language