8 Aug

wow! i did it! i stayed up all night

and now day is night is night is day

the ringing in my ears says danger

and my mind thinks this couldn’t get

any stranger, wow!!

lost becomes found and found is then lost

to a wind blowing inside my skin

a fire burning inside my brain

insane is sane and sane is insane

wow! so this is what it is like when i

dream while awake

and sleep while awake

and die while alive and live though dead

if only i could stop the shaking

wow! i did it! i stayed up

all all all all


witch glitch

7 Aug

i think it must have been a snitch pitch

a pitched tent with a glory pole

no shoes no service

i think it might have been a witch glitch

sunset gliders honking their tweezers

no guts no nuts

it’s the poor man’s itch

like a truck without a hitch

left lying in a ditch

no tent, no pole, no wi-fi for my phone

go away and leave me alone

i’ve done my bit


see what falls out

6 Aug

let’s bust this scene wide open

and see what falls out

whoa! there are those keys

from 1963

stuck inside President Kennedy’s brain

missing for so many years, now found

and here is the missing portion of Nixon’s tapes

thought to have been erased

but all we hear is the sound of a man who

can’t stop giggling

like Pandora from ages past

we begin to regret what we’ve done

busting balls is all fine and good

if you can deal with the stuff that falls out

dusky and damp

5 Aug

i feel as though i have spent the past

few days lying in the bottom of a bowl

of damp cheerios

dusky and damp and clinging to my skin

like a dirty wash rag

makes me want to lie down and drowse

until i slowly fade away into a better place

but this i cannot

dusky and damp is my plan for today

when fur gets wet

you get the idea

Dude! sssooo sweet

4 Aug


we could totally do this!

put us on the list of the people who are

pumping up their fist

dude! ssssoooooo sweet!

plates of macaroni with bacon bits

everything is better, baby when it’s

sittin’ on a Ritz

we could do Uber, we could do Lyft

eat so many tacos that it gives us the sh*ts

Dude! fancy use of the *!

holy mackerel, never saw that one coming

so, so, sssoooo Sweet!


don’t create a problem

3 Aug

it isn’t always necessary to say everything

that preys upon your mind

it could start a commotion instead of a promotion

if you are going to start giving high fives

remember to wash your sticky hands

i have never had a fun time being paranoid

it robs me of my sleep

so don’t create a problem where there isn’t one

let the waves roll upon the beach

it has nothing to do with nothing

not with you, not with me

just a passing storm cloud of obsession

drunken ghosts spoiling for a fight

it isn’t always necessary to speak your mind

words can lead to headaches

a lasting impression

2 Aug

an old scratchy vinyl record

a thick one that crackles when the needle

meets the groove

that’s me

i made an impression sharp and deep

but now you can hear the music fading

being overcome by the pops and skips

eventually i will lose my signal

eventually i will be noise

but i prefer to think of myself this way

as a vacuum tube which took time to

do it’s thing

but when it did

it was warm and the power it gave

ran deep into your bones

all the fancy crap of today leaves no impression

i prefer to think of myself as a valued antique

never to be seen nor heard again

crazy as a loon

1 Aug

i have been battered by pancakes

clinging to the screen like a bug in June

crazy they say, crazy as a loon

eyes fierce with desire

plucking that taco from straight out of the sky

what twilight language doth this loon speak?

i may never know but i can feel it

upon my blushing cheeks

is she deep in them thar woods?

or deep within a musky dream?

crazy they say, crazy as a cow jumping

over the moon, a walrus with a golden spoon

crazy, crazy as a loon

grey skies

31 Jul

grey skies

over a once happy city

now there are streets upon streets

of desperation and foreboding

if something dreadful is about to happen

then let that tiger spring from it’s cage

it is the waiting that is the worst

waiting for the clouds to lift

hoping there will be a sun beneath

while i know that this sadness i feel

is a reflection of my own fears

i can sense that we are all gazing

into the same crazy funhouse mirror


it isn’t much fun anymore, is it?


30 Jul

we were all there

no use denying

we may have turned our heads

from the ugly scene

some kind of cosmic hit and run

the sacrifice of a divine innocence

we are all complicit

maybe it was not our hands that did the deed

but we heard rumors of rumors

we may even know the suspects

wash as we might our hands are never clean

we took part in the slaughter

punching numbers into machines

bombs look beautiful

when viewed from a great distance