autumn creepin in

9 Oct

i rolled out of my bed and onto the floor

last night, for the very first time in my life

i think i could feel that wet hot hole widening

smoke gripping my nostrils

skeletal arms tugging at my body

autumn creepin in

i had been walking for days, past empty buildings

ravaged by fire, water and wind

until somebody gave me a ride

couldn’t quite see his face, in fact i avoided seeing

this horrible face of unwelcome rescue

i could have kept walking, i’d get somewhere eventually

but he took me to dinner and explained some things to me

autumn creepin in,no time for lollygagging

i sat at an angle so as to make my escape

and that was when i rolled straight out of bed

and woke up to write this


who can tell?

8 Oct

i feel tired and trampled

ran over by some kind of invisible bus

i never saw it comin’

who can tell what is really going on?

what secrets are being kept?

what anguish lies beneath the jokes and laughter?

i’ve given up trying to make sense of things

and people are a puzzle to me

who can tell who really has your back?

not you, not me

i guess all we can do is have faith

that everything works out according to plan

if we could but see the whole picture

we do what we can but sometimes

it just isn’t enough

there are invisible actors upon this stage

reading lines from scripts, older than this world

who can tell what is really real in this world?

i just don’t know anymore

and maybe that’s good


my spooky treat

7 Oct

i’m ready for my spooky treat

slippin’ in when i least expect

a peck on the cheek

a slap on the butt

an invisible lover gonna show me

what’s what

she’s been keeping to the shadows for too long

she’s whispering ever so soft

i can hear that siren song say “Hey!

“are you ready for your spooky treat?”

i should feel better

6 Oct

i have people manning the barricades

all on account of me

many hearty congratulations

for standing up to all of the insanity

i should feel better

knowing the police are on patrol

but i don’t

i think of the anguish of the broken people

who have no home and rage against their plight

they are captured by the wandering spirits

the hungry ghosts feed upon their despair each night

i feel such sadness for them and yet

i know i need to build that fence

lest i become their next target

you’d think i’d feel pretty proud of myself

you’d think i’d feel so much better

but i don’t

tough luck

5 Oct

too many people today are scrambling

hustling, scheming and dreaming

of some tough luck

the kind you squeeze out of the tube

using all the strength in your bony hands

i’m too old for this sort of thing you think

out on the sidewalk, jumping on those cracks

hopin’ to force a little tough luck, dumb luck, any kind of luck

too many people on this boat are obsessed

with their own leaks

when it’s clear the whole vessel is about to sink

but we do what we do and the rest is up to that monkey

sitting up in a tree throwing feces

hoping for some tough luck

where is the chair?

4 Oct

where is the chair I saw just last night?

the chair is not here

it’s clean out of sight

did someone pick up the chair

and move it somewhere else?

maybe someone needed to sit

but didn’t want to sit where the chair was sitting

so they stole the chair and claimed it as their own

maybe somebody heavy broke the chair

and it had to be thrown out

maybe some day as i go about my routes

i will say out loud “why there is that chair I had wondered about”

“that chair. that chair right there.”

step outside time

3 Oct

i wish sometimes i could step outside time

and push myself forward into a new me

take the time to make every detail just right

the take the time you have to step outside time

for time, normally, is not for the taking

it only rushes on in it’s moronic way

leaving little time for saying our goodbyes

but when i step outside time

i can see that time is not even something that exists

it’s just the way we choose to organize things

little time, no time, these are just choices

but i got too early this morning and

haven’t fully stepped back into time quite yet

you must excuse me, i know you haven’t time

for poems like this

in need of restraint

2 Oct

life can be too much for a frail mind

lashing out at invisible soldiers

surrounded with no hope of escape

such a mind can only yell and yell again

such a shattered self

in need of restraint

there are more of them each day

i’ve lost count

only senseless violence is left

once one’s reality has scattered

like the pages of one’s book of life

lost in the wind

the deep end

1 Oct

be careful they say

be careful you don’t go off

into that place where dragons dwell

monsters with many eyes and ears

and tentacles that can reach you

no matter where you hide

you’ll see evil in our eyes

and fear for your life

when in truth

there is only concern and a frustration

that we cannot reach so deep within

be careful, they say

please don’t go off the deep end

step lightly

30 Sep

step lightly upon the stage of life

no need to stomp

to beat or punch

no need to crunch

for life knows when you are in need

of a kind moment

it speaks to you in subtle signs

step lightly lest you miss the meaning

and mash the message

leaving it indecipherable