life is maintenance

3 Jul

just think about all the time

spent taking out the garbage

cleaning your teeth

cleaning your ears

chasing down those dust devils

life is maintenance

because rust doesn’t sleep

dirt takes no vacation

it has something to do with


the tendency for things to become

disorganized and unrecognizable

it becomes the flotsam and jetsam

dust and dirt, grime and garbage

shit and sludge

what gets discarded never goes away

life is maintenance


2 Jul

as i look closer into the matter

all i see are tiny dots

some are cold and some are hot

some move around and some do not

as i look closer my head begins to spin

what’s the matter?

what’s the what?


it’s all just dancing dots

when you look closely enough

and the patterns that they form

can bring delight

can bring pain

can bring anything and everything

but in the end

they are still just dots

yellow morning

1 Jul

it was a yellow morning

as if the world had jaundice

as if the sky needed a makeover

it wasn’t a magnificent light

a golden light

it was a disturbing sort of yellow light

this morning, as i leapt from bed

as if there had been a fire alarm

that i hadn’t heard

but no…only this sickly light

of daybreak upon a smoggy city

i’ll need to be extra cautious

or maybe i should do as so many

others do

and go as fast as i can, while i can

if i can

sticky wicket

30 Jun

it’s a sticky wicket

this buddy of mine

and his trade war

his bloody use of tariffs

replacing kisses

is a waxy situation to be sure

yes…it’s a sticky wicket

with all these Russians about

telling tall tales of behind the shed

negotiations a la carte

i’d imagine a whole soul train of delight

for the kind of money we’re payin’

this should be the stickiest wicket

one with all sorts of wicked possibilities

deez daze

29 Jun

deez daze

da wont come agin

no use callin in the calvary

deez daze wont come agin

dare wont be sun shinin bright

not bright as dis bright

no horns will b blowin

not loud like now

it will b a hole different story

come July

deez daze

will soon b ova

everything goes south

28 Jun



spinning rainbow

wheel of death


everything just grinds

to a halt

i was heading north

while the world

headed south

it took me two hours

to finally get to this site

so i could write this lousy poem

go figure


the other side of heaven

27 Jun

i sit here mute

hardly able to hear

the sound of the trumpets

life is dim and murky here

on the other side of heaven

my body is weak

and yet my spirit is strong

or perhaps

the other way around

hard to tell here

on the other side of heaven

i couldn’t help myself

26 Jun

as the sky lit up so bright and shiny

i ran out into the streets

and flung my hands up

as far as i could reach

i couldn’t help myself

i wanted to fly

i wanted to stretch my body

out over the land

i wanted to become a part of it all

i couldn’t help myself

until i realized that all that sky

and all that earth

are a part of me

life is not like a coloring book

there are no lines

i can color wherever i like

i have no words

25 Jun

i have no words

for i have no mouth

i’d repeat what i’ve heard

if i had ears

or i’d point to what i see

if i had fingers

i can only see

and what i see i collect

into an endless archive

of joy and despair

hope and regret

too much of too much

24 Jun

there is no end to appetite

it is in it’s nature to eat

eat up the buildings

the sidewalks and the sky

eat up all the bystanders

gawking from the sidelines

appetite will eat up you

along with all the rest of the scenery

too much of too much

isn’t enough

says appetite

as it eats the re