25 May

it is hard to write

words that bite

the soul is a powerful tool

and i must be careful how i

use the soul

people, places, in fact whole worlds

of people and places

can become inflamed when the

soul is sharp and cuts to the heart

of all matter


in a way that slices away

the pretty paper

covering the bomb

please forgive me for

my harsh words

the soul is a powerful tool

and very very sharp indeed

when the bough breaks

24 May

with each day the bough grows

heavier with the weight

of a baby who is no longer

a baby, and yet…..she is

her mind must attend to each

word, to each letter

it is the impenetrable barrier

which protects her

but meanwhile…the bough is growing

heavier, and…i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry

so when the bough breaks

the baby shall fall

and all of the careful notes to herself

shall scatter into the wind

all of us saw what was happening

and dreaded that day

we are all so sad, with nothing useful

to say

fresh look

23 May

when memories become repetitive

and photographs become grainy

time to take a fresh look

at what surrounds one

envelopes one

becomes one

a thought balloon

filled with regret

but look again

and let the scales fall

allow your ears to pop

there is something beyond

another dimension

to yourself

awaiting your discovery

all these decades

going through changes

22 May

going through changes

just like that

going through changes

but just as a cat can’t change his spots

part of me will always be there

but still….sometimes

things can change on a dime

lickety split

i look in the mirror and can’t

recognize myself

going through changes

shedding my skin

leaving the old things behind

shiny and new

i greet a new day

ready for whatever life hands me



21 May

monday need not be mundane

monday is the engine

that drives the week

monday is money

monday is the stone

from which you must draw the sword


you can trust that day

monday is where you return

from those dreams so far away

monday need not be mundane

just because monday always

seems the same

walking walking walking

20 May

so here i am poised

little sleep, feeling like Gumby

rubbery, bending with the wind


gotta get set

get ready to roll

and boom! I’m off!

and walking walking walking

to the end of the earth

i have many brightly colored companions

to my front, back, right, and left

up steep hills i climb

one step followed by another

and it’s chilly out

7.5 miles of go cat go!

look at that old man walk

and he’s delivering his package

oh my! such a small package

for such a large event

walking just be to be walking

defying convention

choosing to play instead

walking walking walking

against the wind

there is no time

18 May

there is no time

only shifting perspectives

changes in the tiny specks

that make it all up as it goes along

there is no time

only memory

which is a story we tell ourselves

it can be demonstrated that

absolutely nothing truly exists

only space

filled with dark matter

we are shadows upon a screen

acting out our imaginary lives

there is no time

reluctant messiah

17 May

take a look at the reluctant messiah

who has powers hidden deep in his head

everybody looks to him for salvation


he doesn’t know how to begin

he’d rather be somewhere distant

where no one could find him

than be leading a march to someplace

he knows not where

and the flag he is carrying is so heavy

he’s afraid he may drop it, and what then?

would these desperate souls lose heart?

would they see that my beautiful clothes

were only in their dreams?

the reluctant messiah is naked you see

as naked as the day he was born

when a nuisance

16 May

what to do when a nuisance

becomes more than a nuisance

but a sore which festers

becoming malignant over time

one must lance that boil

and give the wound a chance to heal

nuisances are too often ignored

oh it’s nothing we say

in a few days it will have gone away

when a nuisance becomes a disaster

only major surgery can save the day

in need of an angel

15 May

i am in need of an angel

some kind of saving grace

i do not wish my anguish

to spill out and infect

until all the world is enflamed

malignant with false claims

which feel so very real

it’s hard to explain

but an angel is needed

to intervene

and calm my frayed nerves

and put an end

to these visions of disaster