my Buddy

8 Dec

i am haunted now

by a sweet and furry ghost

whose eyes once gazed silently

into mine

before jumping up upon my bed

whiskers tickling my face

and the purr of a happy, contented cat

cuddled up against my large, warm body

my Buddy

was trusting to the end

suffering without comprehension

and so i had to let this gentle spirit go

my Buddy

my feline friend

a silver thread

7 Dec

another dream from which i

struggled to awaken

another old friend whose face

had not aged a day

a silver thread stretches out

from the tips of my fingers

so thin it cannot be seen

but i felt it’s tug

as i walked and walked along

a muddy path

leading to my friend from long ago

as well as faces i didn’t know

but they knew me

they reached out to touch me

comfort me

for i was so very far from home

and sad

and lonely in my only ness

now as this dream has faded

a silver thread

crossing that line between

wakefulness and sleep

aliveness and death

and back again

that’s a pretty strong thread


geezer love

6 Dec

shove the plug into the socket

making sure the prong is straight

hope we don’t blow the fuse

with our geezer love

one bony finger aching with delight

pressed into the hole in the dyke

holding back the flood

of geezer love

who says it was so much better


when we were young

and full of ourselves?

step into the patient pleasures

easy as she goes

let’s take a moment to savor

our geezer love

no clear path

5 Dec

i’ve been looking at the world

through a dirty lens

no clear path

overgrown with weeds

and many rocks upon which

to snub my toe

i’ve been seeing things cockeyed

off kilter

walking sideways

no clear path

through to grandma’s house

so many wolves

too bright, too loud

4 Dec

i remember reading somewhere

man cannot bear too much reality

no mention of what a woman could bear

for reality can be too bright

and too loud

like a thousand trumpets

announcing the arrival

of the blazing snowball in hell

it was too much

and the people turned away

an incredible truth

unexpected and magnificent in it’s

ugly beauty

lay within the cacophony

but nobody could recall

for it was too bright

and too loud

up close and personal

3 Dec

it seems as though my life

has passed from the seeming

to the actual

up close and personal

no longer are my experiences

an approximation

it’s slam, dam

without apology

up close and personal

warts and all

and nobody is keeping

well, i can’t say

but it’s up close and messy

these days

love is never lost

2 Dec

so here is my little speech for today

no matter how rough it gets

and it gets really rough

love is never lost

it may be covered in slime and filth

or left lying on the floor of a closet

for a decade


if you’re willing to dig for it

and get your hands really dirty

and persevere

you’ll find love

a little worse for wear and tear

but there

most definitely there

the world keeps on spinning

1 Dec

throughout my sorrows

and my happiest moments

throughout the tedious hours

and those all too brief times

of perfect beauty and balance

the world keeps on spinning

without opinion, remorse, or reprimand

without pity, praise, or pause

some things are bigger than i can

put down in words

except to write

what are centuries to us

may be seconds to another

the world keeps on spinning

and we are like infants

held by the earth

like a tender, loving mother

it’s all right there

30 Nov

when i look inside myself

i see the whole world

all the anger and pain

the ass kicker

and the ass that’s been kicked

all the petty jealousies

all the love given

and never returned

it’s all right there

in this wrinkled sack of flesh

the highest aspirations

the noblest goals

all the times i have risen to the occasion

and been left stinking

like a rose

it’s as if i had a radio, a television

and a computer jammed inside

my skull

and everything is playing full blast

every kind of crazy nonsense

but i know who i am

and i am none of that

i am not all those words spoken

in haste

from not having had enough sleep

i am more

i am made of sacred stuff

it’s not funny anymore

29 Nov

it’s not funny anymore

when the clowns live right next door

and they grab your body

without permission

under the pretense of comedy

they talk about their private parts

in order to shatter your own


it’s not funny anymore

it could turn to violence

and it makes it awfully hard to be


when someone you had taken for

a harmless wise guy

turns out to be a psycho

nope! sorry

it’s just not funny anymore