his her

20 Sep

his hair was combed back

and held with a jell

when he was 12 he threw his mother

in a well

her eyes were squinty

buried deep in her sallow skin

and upon her back was a fin

his jaw was set, his back was straight

his legs were like tree trunks

and his hands were bony

her purse was made from the balls of a bull

her pelvis was pervy

and her butt was two balloons

they were meant for each other

her and him

Miss Hail Mary

and Jungle Jim


19 Sep

try to pay attention

try to work a little harder

try to attend to the situation

try to look me in the eye

try to stop your whining (nobody likes a whiner)

try to tell me all your concerns

but keep it short

try to keep it clean

try to straighten it up

try to greet every person with a smile

why aren’t so smiling? you really need to be smiling

try not to take everything so personally

because it really gets on everyone’s nerves

stop slouching

of course you may need to use the restroom

but try not to leave anyone holding the bag

try to wear something that isn’t wrinkled

and get rid of that stupid hoodie

try not to write really long poems

it tries my patience to have to read for this long

love is the only thing that is real

18 Sep

at the expense of sounding like

a badly written get well card

i must write now of love

no, not that kind of love

the kind that sticks in your throat

the kind that ties you up and tosses you in the bay

not the soft kind, the icky kind, the mushy kind that

falls apart in your greedy little hands

not the fiery kind that burns with a helpless jealousy

no, i’ve burned myself to a crisp with that kind of love

not a hard love, a harsh love that makes you stand in a corner

until you submit

not a crazy love that leaves you floating when

your feet need to be firmly planted upon the ground

just love, the ordinary kind, the kind that sometimes is overlooked

just being there for someone, if only for a brief moment

listening, and speaking as if the wheel of time had stopped

for an instant, just long enough for you to know

that love is the only thing that is real

all else is a dream within a dream within a dream

when a voice inside your head says you’re crazy

you probably shouldn’t listen


what’s the matter with choo?

17 Sep

why are you always so ugly?

why don’t you talk to me like you useta?

you’re always so grumpy and out of sorts

so very what’s it tooya?

well i wish i could tell, i wish i could say

all i know is that i want it all to just go away

far far away

everything, all of it, the baby with the bathwater

anything that can ease the pain

she shakes her head and walks away

why do you always have to be so dramatic?

it’s stoopid, can’t ya see that?

what’s the matter with choo?


it’s time

16 Sep

it’s time

i’ve been putting it off for too long

even the dogs know it’s time

and they howl outside my door

i always told myself this day would come

gotta straighten things up

gotta tidy my bowl

i can’t have people over cause then they’d know

just how long it’s been

since i’ve stood to attention

it’s time

yes i hear you knocking

it’s time


words (who needs ‘um)

15 Sep

although words can sometimes come in handy

i don’t like words particularly

because there have been too many times when


got me into trouble

words can harm and words can heal

sometimes people use words just to get attention

those people should be jabbed with a sharp stick

maybe then they will get the point (heh heh)

and you see there! this is a good example

when you use words everybody thinks those words

are about them

some people use far too many words when just a few

will do

words (who needs ‘um)

if you don’t like these words i’ve written

then go ahead and slap me till i’m silly

when you see me again

14 Sep

when you see me again

i’ll be wearing different clothes

my voice will have changed

i won’t be the same person

that you used to carry around

inside your brain, inside your heart

when you see me again

i’ll have a different face

i’ll walk slower than you remember

in fact, when you see me again

you won’t even notice

i will have become a stranger

i want to be that one

13 Sep

i want to be that one that

opens up the doors

and does what needs to be done

right out in the open where

everyone can see

i want to be the one you call upon

when the nights hang heavy and the

days are grey

i want to be your crowning glory

the one that takes an end and

makes it a beginning

i want to be the one with the right thing

to say

i want to be the one who

saves the day

not enough

12 Sep

whatever kind of poem this may be

it is not enough

my words are not enough

my thoughts, my dreams, my schemes

are not enough

i can manipulate, procrastinate, stand on my head

not enough

i can hold you close and squeeze

but you aren’t there

clearly something more is needed

but i know not what

i have never been much of a dancer

so you can count that out

meanwhile time passes and things change

and i forget i ever wrote this stupid thing

the way life works

12 Sep

here today gone tomorrow

that’s just the way the cookie crumbles

well it crumbles before i even get to savor it

it seems that i develop a deep attachment only

to have the carpet yanked again and again

it makes me angry but even more

it makes me really sad

i hate when anything comes to an end

any sort of  goodbye sucks in my book

no such thing as a good riddance

because when loss is piled upon loss

you learn to put up with a lot

because you treasure whatever version of love

you may have

i don’t like how life works

i’d like to remake all the rules

and keep everyone i love around


however selfish that may seem