never mind

23 May

if only i had taken more of a…..never mind

if only i had been able to spend…..never mind

if only i hadn’t done what I……never mind

if only there were more….never mind

if only i could just let…never mind

if only you would….never mind

if only she had….never mind

if only there were more…..never mind

if only i…..never mind

if only we could just…..never mind

if only the world were….never mind

if only i…..never mind

if only….never mind

never never mind


Bug in your ear

22 May

What an ugly reminder this

Bug in your ear

Showing you flame lit faces from

Deep within the gold mine

Mind your own business if you know what’s good

Telling you stories from out of

the mouths of babes

Full of bling and dressed to kill

Bug in your ear

of Thee I Sing, oh have you ever seen the rain?

I traced your path down the side streets

found the little shop and spoke to the kind old man

But the Police have yet to arrive and I

can see the bodies being carried to the garage

Bug in your ear

There is Murder in Mayberry

and the compost of our crimes

attracts beetles and bugs

Hearing everything that we say

Watching everything that we do

Stains in the carpet, rattle those bones

What bugs you now

May save you later

Too late for the feast

21 May

The banquet hall was vast

with the finest tables and chairs

and all the finest people dined

in this place for the refined

But I puttered and waited

lost in a dream until I discovered I was

Too late for the feast

I couldn’t believe it

in anger I searched for the meat

only to find angel food cake

and pizza left under a sun lamp

Yuck! why is it so often like this?

I walked about the banquet hall

my arms full of assorted nonsense

and all the best dressed people just laughed

so I shoved in his face some overcooked meatloaf

and asked him how he liked it

I was angry and I couldn’t help it at all

Too late for the feast

Settling for what was left and

unable to even find a seat

where I could sit and munch

and grumble


20 May

I live my life widdershins

from the end to the beginning

I lose to win

I fall to rise above

Counter to the Clock I run

Unraveling my time

I scatter as a way of bringing myself together

I live my life widdershins

walking backward into the wind

I can view where I’ve been

and think to myself

what a sweet sweet end

as I look forward with the eyes

in the back of my head

and anticipate how it all begins

causing quite a ruckus it would seem

19 May

leapin’, pokin’, smokin’, hopin’ I don’t

run out of money and luck and steam

I been liftin’ up some latches and

too many jokes I been crackin’

causing quite a ruckus it would seem

but once you’ve got me in your sights

cornered like a rat about to scream

I must confess, I never thought this whole

silly game could last even this long

We’re gonna have to charge ya’, and recharge ya’

enlarge ya’ till we run out of juice and it ain’t no use

I hear that! I know I been a nuisance and a chore

causin’ all sorts of trouble down at the store

Yep. and as the big man ponders

I slip right on out the window and I’m free once more

causing quite a ruckus it would seem

never really able to settle my accounts

and sit back and collect my garbage

don’t know why particularly

don’t know what for

early morning playground

18 May

Monday mornings I lie and listen

to the kids in the playground across the way

they are so full of life they scream out

as if to say “Here I Am!! Here I Am!! Lookit! Here I Am!!”

their bodies bounce up and down and left to right

and their hands are in their mouth

they must move!!! they must taste!!! they must make haste!!!

Monday mornings I lie and think to myself

I remember well that playground long ago

and the big ole ditch where the asphalt ended

my imagination made it as vast as the Grand Canyon

I remember how full of wonder the world was then

so much to explore and discover with my super power

my life stretched out forever and ever

Now I wonder where all that time went

seems I never really thought about it until

suddenly I am no longer that kid

Monday mornings I get up and get dressed

like every other morning since I was six

I can still feel that spark that moves my body

until sometimes I can barely contain myself

Crazy Day

17 May

Helicopters overhead to capture the scene

Today is the day we all go for broke

We dress up smart and we dress up stupid

We walk across the city stark naked

We do it to make a statement

We do it to be silly

Each year another excuse to be wrong

while the rest of the world is so right

Crazy Day, Day of Making Merry

Crazy Day, Touched by a Fairy

All dressed up for their Instagram

Tumblring their way up the steep hill

Their bare bodies all aTwitter

Crazy Day, while I just go off to work

Others are finding reasons

to just go Berserk

My Glorious Art

16 May

I have to say I could never have known

just how wrong I have been

I thought I needed to struggle to be born

I considered that I needed to find a way

to fit right in to the machine

I had thought I had nothing to offer

but my stubborn resistance

but I have a way of putting things

and I can create from out of nowhere

and rearrange the world to fit

My Glorious Art

I can feel myself unfolding into something

I don’t yet recognize

All I can be is be what I am

I keep growing out of my own skin

Into the sky and the sea

When the Sun is shining, it is my pleasure

And when the night grows dark and tender

It is my Glorious Art

this mysterious place

15 May

i can wander and gather together

all the little scenarios which make up a life

i have all the time i need until i waken

exploring the vastness of this mysterious place

which begins high upon the mountain

on a crisp cold morning

and ends in the warm arms of a woman

whose face is so familiar but I can’t recall

and then i return to the creeky crampy body

and a life that seems like a pale imitation

of this mysterious place which stretches out

beyond my imagination each night

i return to do what i can to stay alive

until such time as i return to that mountaintop

where i can see so far

and so clear

I’ll do it for you

14 May

Whatever the distance

Whatever the task

Whatever the work load

I will do my best

Whatever you request

Whatever you ask

I’ll do it for you

Be it slow, or be it fast

I will be there when needed

and even if I’m not

I’ll stand by your side

You will never be left alone

You will never be lost

Whatever I need to do

to show that I’m true

I’ll do it for you


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