out of whack

27 Sep

the nation is out of whack

and i can sympathize

me, with my weak back

which began about a week back

when whack was still around

but hard to find

and whack is needed

as wonky and willy as it sounds

a little whack up side the head

can do a country good

align the spine

and looking up and over

instead of down and out

not made for this world

26 Sep

sometimes i think we are

not made for this world

the hot is too hot

the cold too cold

for our fragile minds and bodies

we seek the stars

and struggle against the slightest rumble

the slightest shift

can cause a mighty tumble

and yet we persist in our physical folly

we think ourselves gods

when we are merely silly putty

Have fun!

25 Sep

Have fun!

That is the verdict for today

handed down by the candy colored clown

in the courtroom of furry delights

rejoice in what it means to be alive

free to feel all the ups and the downs

without benefit of medication

or cautious prognostications whispered

Have fun!

Is the proclamation

Have no fear for

all is but a play we put on for

our own education

an education for pleasure

this little piggie

24 Sep

this little piggie went to Harvard

this little piggie went to Yale

this little piggie is a self made billionaire

this little piggie wears a tie

this little piggie wears a dress

this little piggie wears a bright red cap

that makes everything great again

this little piggie huffs and puffs

and tries to blow down the other piggie’s house

this little piggie puts all the piggie profits

in an offshore bank account

this little piggie has pneumonia

this little piggie is a big fat cat

this little piggie is a rat

let me entertain you

23 Sep

let me entertain you

long after the neon has turned grey

my jokes may be corny

but they can fill the emptiness of your day

and allow a little crack to appear

in your formidable armor

let me entertain you

i can’t dance

but i can move my body in a silly motion

that will make you laugh so hard

you will forget the pain

of all that you have lost


22 Sep

Smile! she ordered

like a mini-skirted drill sargeant

what is it now?

does your tummy hurt?

did you get enough sleep?

it’s depressing how much being old

is like being an infant

all about bowel movements

and tummy aches

and every day is a bright, cheerful, sunny day

or Else!

(Aw Gee! Do I hafta?)

post script

21 Sep

after all the chatter is done

and i find myself all alone

post script

was it worth it?

what do i have to show?

these questions seem stupid

when the marketplace

is now dark and cold

i think somebody said something

something about being sorry

post script

a few people in the distance


seagulls battle for a few stray crumbs


i will take the time to do nothing

something i never did

in the scripted world


deep in the heat

21 Sep
deep in the heat
my heart lies
for the truth burns
like a birth
deep in the heat
we can’t tell our heads
from our feet
exhausted from the struggle
we don’t want to lose
and so
we never win
deep in the heat

I keep on repeating myself

19 Sep

I had so many things I wanted to right

only to have it come out wrong

so much to write, but it all becomes jumbled

I keep on repeating myself

ad nauseum

mostly nauseum

in fact, all of it


nothing more to add

except more of the same

repeating, repeating, repeating

but I suppose that’s all right

if I repeat myself often enough

the nausea becomes nostalgia

and everybody will ask to hear that same old story

once again, and again, and again

ad nauseum

I believe this is the engine which drives this train

taking us to destinations that all look the same

but I repeat myself


63 years young

18 Sep

so here i yam

sweating in September

63 years young

still eager to find that next great thing

not ready for workaday world

where the job is never done

i want to explore, and more

rejoice in the sunshine

and the relief of the rain

63 years young won’t

come around again