the wrong things

29 Apr

everybody seems to be talking

about the wrong things

looking at the wrong shows

reading the wrong books

playing the wrong games

having the wrong conversations

can’t we see what is coming down?

if you will excuse such an old sixties expression

but you won’t because we live in a culture

that favors style over substance

by the time we see that we are in deep deep do do

it will be far too late

to talk about the right things



28 Apr

gone, a cavity, a hole

ripped from my heart

leaving me bleeding just like

every other victim in

this humorless place

possessed of a grim purpose

to survive at all cost

leaving a pitiful pit devoid

of all pleasure

only that aching hole

stolen in a quick desperate grab

a loss to one is a loss to all

nobody wins at this dismal game

i know, right?

27 Apr

billions of stars sucked out of sight

just like my debit card at the atm

i know, right?

soon we will all be living on the moon

texting for an Uber ride to Uranus

i know, right?

if those driverless cars screw up as much

as my cellphone, i’d just as soon walk

walk! ha!

i know, right?

you wanna look something up or

get an answer to your question

and all you get are advertisements

i know, right?



26 Apr

OMG this is soooo weird!

Here I am living in a Super World

I can’t believe I’m watching this

OMG what was he thinking?

He’s got the wrong color sneakers

They clash with his Bluetooth Speakers

Up! Up! and Away! is that a drone on my phone?

OMG I gotta check this out

This girl is wearing cutoffs with her

butt cheeks hanging out

Here I am living in a Super Mario world

dodging all the coconuts



can’t have one without the other

25 Apr

can’t have sunshine without rain

can’t have pleasure without pain

little girls can’t jump without a rope

can’t have a genius without a dope

can’t have futility without hope

can’t have disappointment without desire

can’t have water without fire

can’t have a front without a back

can’t have a bum without a sack

can’t have a lover without a hater

can’t have a shoe without an alligator

can’t have a dog without a cat

a mouse without a rat

a head without a hat, at least in this town

can’t have poverty without wealth

can’t have a hunter without a pelt

can’t have a son without a mother

can’t have one without the other

the golden city

24 Apr

this morning before i woke

i was feverishly searching

for the place where i work

within the golden city

densely packed with people

living in narrow alleyways

i had two cats, one black, one white

oddly, i had no pants

and i couldn’t remember the street

where i worked

as i gazed down upon the busy avenue

from the courtyard of the golden palace

finally i found where i had lived

in the future

for i had traveled back to the time

when all of this had began

i tried to convince this hovel of a hotel

that i belonged there, i will live there

in the future

then i woke to a world in which

i know what is what

have only one cat, and thankfully

i have my pants


another sunny sunday in the city by the bay

23 Apr

’twas another sunny sunday in the city by the bay

babies in strollers and little dogs on leashes

my walk is as brisk as the air

my ears are awash with the sounds of the city

tree trimming, crows cawing, kids yelling

i fix myself pancakes and eggs all mixed together

in a pan

gonna kick back with the sunday paper

and maybe later get all my hair cut off

the time is ripe for springtime baldness

my cat is content to watch the birds

through the window

’twas just another sunny sunday in the city

by the bay

sea of joy

22 Apr

i want to lose myself

in myself

i want to see what cannot

be seen

hear what cannot be


walk where no man has


i want to dive deeply into

the sea of joy


that eye

21 Apr

no matter what move i might make

it’s a bad move, a false move, an awkward

move, how can i ever make it up to you?

that eye that watches me

and recording nasty observations in a

dirty old ledger

there can be no satisfying

no sight so rich

no picture so lovely

no person, once age has taken it’s toll

that will be enough for that eye

if only i could turn away in disgust

for i don’t want that eye to see me

this way, so stupid and so real

but that eye still stares

that awful, hateful eye

she plays hard to get

20 Apr

she plays hard to get

a smile, a touch, but never much

else takes place, a nod, a wink

maybe we can get together

some time, some place

each yet to be determined

we talk and the conversation

drifts like the clouds on a sunny day

she has learned to give a trinket

then refuse a tasket, then give

another trinket, but never give away

the store. But if she plays for too long

at being hard to get

she will be eating her soup alone again

so hard to get, that

she never gets gotten