The Big O

20 Oct

What Is The Big O Deal?

Ridin’ In On Those Big O Tires

With That Big O Grin

It’s A Sin, Is What It Is

Just a Big O Sin

Are You Happy To See Me?

Is That Rocket In Your Pocket Ready To Launch?

Don’t Point That Finger At Me, Cowboy!

After You Take Me On Your Big O Ride

Guess Who Has To Clean Up Your Big O Mess?

if i don’t complain, who will?

19 Oct

how you gonna know how cold it is?

if i don’t offer my opinion on the matter?

how do you know that i need a little help here

if i don’t bitch about it?

how you gonna know if the trains are running late?

how you gonna know that the sandwich wasn’t great?

how you gonna adjust the light, turn down the music

and shut that door that’s bringing in the chill?

if i don’t complain, who will?

sandpaper poem

18 Oct

i don’t know what kind of poem

would suit this occasion

an occasion filled with disappointment

i had wished i would had much more to say

but my brain is empty today

profundity escapes me

i’m not even sure profundity is a word

everything hurts

well not really, i tend to exaggerate

but writing for me now

is like sandpaper across tender skin


breathing in

17 Oct

breathing in the ashes of a broken home

where they tried to work it out for the sake of the kids

but he just kept on drinking and gambling

and the debt led to bankruptcy

i can feel it in my lungs

how they barely hung on

dreaming of a better tomorrow

we leave traces of ourselves everywhere we go

each time we cough, each time we touch

others feel our pleasures and our pain

we breath in each argument

we breath in every tear

something good

16 Oct

i am ready for something to happen

that will ease my spirit

comfort my soul

i have had enough horror

i have had my fill of crisis

i am yearning for something rich and real

something to make all the struggle worthwhile

something good

something happy

i am tired of the rallies and the scandals

and catastrophe by the hour

give me something good

i’m ready

everybody knows

15 Oct

no walls are thick enough

no door can have enough bolts

everybody know’s whats cookin’ in the kitchen

everybody know’s you like to walk around naked

in your own home

no use in pretending to be mr. so and so bigshot

we know what you had goin’ in your sandbox

we don’t need to watch you shower

to see just how ugly it can get

we’ve seen it all and then some

there is more than enough shame to go around

no point in hiding it all in some secret server

everybody knows


exception to the rule

14 Oct

i want to be that exception to the rule

the little piece of information that spoils the equation

that glitch, that quirk, that anomaly

i’m one of those people who tend to stick out

instead of fit in

an odd duck

a lickity split

you can tell me all you want that you know me

in and out

but what fun is there in that?

i don’t want to be the exception that proves the rule

i want to open up a whole new school



13 Oct

numbers don’t scare me

usually, well sometimes

they do

because numbers can hit you hard

they can knock you clean out

numbers can take the food right out of your mouth

the dullness of numbers can make you feel numb

we find ourselves fretting over numbers

numbers in certain sequences can have a strange effect

like a one before a three on a Friday

what the devil does it mean?

mistake, mishap, and misery?

or a misfit’s lucky day?

or is it that numbers sometimes form a hole

a glitch in the cosmic switch?

like when you go over the numbers again and again

and it doesn’t add up

that’s what Fireday the 13th is for.


out there

12 Oct

out there, way way out there

where reality finds it’s shape

where we find a reason to smile

for there are no boundaries to out there

we can hike, we can hover, we can embrace one another

all of which can take us a little further out there

where dreams can unfurl their flags

upon the field of play

out there, so very far out there

rest assured that all the love we have put out there

will find it’s way back one day

kept in the dark

11 Oct

i hate it when communication is weaponized

when information can be lethal

i don’t like it when i am told to keep my mouth shut

and see no evil, feel no evil, hear no evil

no effort to keep me in the dark

can succeed indefinitely

the truth doesn’t pick sides

it is relentless in it’s tenacity

and for someone who is hiding

words spoken by innocent babes

can be their undoing

but babies kept in the dark

will soon start crying