blessing in disguise

24 May

sometimes when you least expect it

can sometimes be the beginning of something

bigger and better

although that sudden jolt

never feels like a caress

more like a poke in the eye



back on the streets again

with wisps of opportunity carried by the wind

you hope you can catch them before

but remember this

there is no such thing as too late

there is more life to be had

just around that corner

that corner that scares you


23 May

gone are the fresh crystal waters

gone are the purple burnoose

the chocolate moose

and mother’s last remaining goose

gone is the star spangled rag

that flew from Fort Bragg

gone is the wooden Indian

gone is the peace pipe

gone is the Goddess

replaced by a serving of cheesecake

gone is the pride

gone is the crimson tide

gone all gone

leaving only an unintentional trace

along the margins of our lives

my body objects

22 May

my body objects to being treated

like an object

like a tool

used and abused till it’s frazzled and frayed

my head has to put up with my brain

and my eyes wish they didn’t have to see

some of the things i force them to see

my ears sting from the incessant noise

and my nose bleeds

my feet get the worst treatment of all

having to carry it all

my body objects to the constant use

longing for a loving touch

a tender caress

another body who understands how bodies feel

a break from the noise and the work and the mess

keepin’ it straight

21 May

keepin’ it straight

can’t cheat fate

taking out my ruler just to make it straighter still

cause’ my life has become so crooked

so gnarled and twisted

that my hindsight is now my foresight

and my forehead has become my butt

so walking that long thin line

is what the officer ordered

even though, even though

it doesn’t matter to the powers that be

cause’ if we let things go all curly

and swirly

then we’ll be twisting all summer long

and nobody wants that

they want something they can measure

even if they must sacrifice their pleasure

there is no…..without

20 May

walking where there is no land

swimming where there is no water

flying where there is no air

talking without a mouth

breathing without lungs

singing without a song

writing without words

this is the place that is not a place

this is my home that is not a home

perfect machine

19 May

I try to do my little part

but sometimes it seems like too much

for any little old man to handle

that’s when I recognize

that nothing is up to me

I am part of something bigger

some sort of perfect machine

spitting out worlds

like lines in a poem

awkward at first

but sublime in time

it all fits together somehow

taking most if not all the weight

from off my shoulders

too much

18 May

too much wind blowing by my porch

too much sin reaching up to my chin

too much rubbing up against the grain

too much insane

too much blood flowing out my ear

not enough sun

not enough fun

too much work to be done

too much information

about things for which

i just don’t care



17 May

nature can be nasty in it’s confidence

as the shoreline stretches lazily into the sea

and the clouds blow heavily upon the plains

but nature sometimes breaks

under the weight of a vast carelessness

leaving behind a vast cavern of loneliness

nature can be beautiful and nature can be stinky

it gives joy to a child’s heart

and meaning where there is none

inescapable and yet unguarded

nature lies naked upon the void

free to be raped by any passing stranger

crying out for every soul who goes to who knows where?

looking for nature

after nature has become tiny

and gritty and sticking in your eyes

a sharp reminder that

everything breaks

everything dies

brick by brick

16 May

sum peeple build their lives brick by brick

but that kinda life jus make me sick

i wanna sore up into tha clouds outta sight

where nobody never wanna pick a fight

it’s hard here in the naked city

as soon as ya got a little somethin’

somebody steal it

cause everybody needs bricks

everybody always talkin’ bout the bricks

everybody pissed cause they be one brick

short of a load

don’t mean nothin’ to an angel like me

drinkin’ my pina colada

up here in the clouds


15 May

if my body wants to walk in style

ain’t no body’s business if i do

if my body wants to slink and slide

i’ll find some way to get inside

cause i’m a busy body through and through

if my body wants to stretch out long

or come up short upon your lawn

no reason to get alarmed

you ain’t nobody unless you’re somebody

after my body gets what my body needs

i’ll get my skinny body back home



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