i have no use

20 Jun

i have no use for unsupported


front porch quarterbacking

or expressions of pain that

only cause more pain

i have no use for cynicism

for those who yell “jump”

to the broken hearted

i have use for those who choose

to help

and yet they don’t announce

their goodness to the world

for i have no use

for vanity


19 Jun


life is as hard as you make it

have fun as you live

and you will work well

and work out well

for a lot more gets done

when you are happy

and anger destroys all ambition

easy is effortless

when you know what to do

no effort is needed

take it easy

effort is the stress we add

making play feel like work

it’s not the word

18 Jun

it’s not the word

it’s the experience that lurks

behind the mode of expression

a way of conveying by way of


what happened to me can happen

to anyone

the words are the seed

from which many branches spread

connecting everything and anything

it’s not the word

it’s the vast inexpressable being

that makes the reading of any word


a pretty fancy guy

17 Jun

i got stone washed jeans

and i say just exactly what i

don’t really mean

a scene isn’t a scene

unless i’m there shining

you can’t get in my hair

for i have none

i can’t run like i used to

but i still have lots of fun

a pretty fancy guy, you’d say

and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong


how swiftly

16 Jun

how swiftly pass the days

of summer

all the smiles and laughter

eventually give way to

more somber times

of reflection

gravity always pulls you down

how swiftly pass the days

of our lives

leaving only photographs

and poems

one after another


15 Jun

got out of bed to an alarm









thesis-antithesis-new thesis


father-son-holy ghost

what do these threes mean to me?

i was born

i’m living

and one day i’ll die

viva la crypto

14 Jun

viva la crypto

livin’ the digital life

replaced my brain

with a blockchain

kickin’ back

in a virtual paradise

all i am is a 0

followed by a 0

another 0

then a 1

viva la crypto

done and done

havin’ some hypertext fun!

shadow play

13 Jun

pay no attention to

the shadow play

beneath the cabin door

where men in power meet

with forces and principalities

galaxies far far away

shadows mixed with bald faced lies

don’t dwell too long in la la land

lest you la yourself to sleep

drifting through a shadow world

monsters inc

there are fantasies

12 Jun

there are fantasies

of wealth for oneself

fantasies of sex

for oneself

fantasies of fun

fantasies where you have won

all for the benefit of yourself

there are fantasies and there are fantasies

of a different kind

of love and peace and harmony

where there is plenty of wealth

and sex and fun and winning

for everyone

not a single person left out

not a single person filled with rage

plotting for a maximum kill

not a single person filled with lust

hurting others and themselves

a world in which everyone is filled

and satisfied

that is a fantasy i can believe in












all those little girls

11 Jun

all those little girls

in their bonnets

singing a bright bright bright refrain

they have things

they have people

do i have to make all too plain?

you know it’s quite extraordinary

take all that you can carry

it’s free!

all those little girls

in their smart white dresses

oh my my! oh my golly!

waiting for the trolley

singing a bright and catchy little tune

on this glorious eleventh of June