all eyes

22 Nov

every word uttered

every fax, every instagram, every snapchat

cover up that lens if you don’t want

all eyes

on you

i think all my mistakes have been meticulously


and placed inside a cloud

all eyes, inhuman electronic unforgiving eyes

the eye upon the capstone

of the pyramid of lies

observing the reflection of it’s own algorithm


just a little boy

21 Nov

sometimes (when i allow all the worries of the world to fall away)

i am just a little boy inside an old man’s body

i still thrill at the sight of a bird or a bug or a bear

i still wander about in the moonlight without a care

wearing my little boy’s cape, singing my little boy’s song

flying my little boy’s flag from my little boy’s fort

but unlike most little boys

my fort lets girls come in

it’s sad that my old man’s body won’t let me

jump the fence and run to the mailbox

but all around town

my little boy spirit soars

a hand reaches out

20 Nov

i had been one of the wild boys

living a crazy mixed up life

the other boys would hold a knife to my throat

each morning, laugh, and say “such is life”

but then one day as i was wandering my way

a hand reaches out

from what once was a wall

and pulled me in to a new place

a calm place, smelling of flowers

i had shed my wild habits

i could tell you more but

after this i was awake

no more dreams, only this

the O.G.

19 Nov

look at that old guy sitting on the porch

he don’t say nothing, he don’t even wave

what’s up with him?

perhaps he’s a man who played many a hand

and won

perhaps he’s a man who played many a hand

and lost

perhaps he’s both

sometimes he can be seen out standing by the schoolyard

no it’s not like that, not like that at all

he has a sad look in his eyes as he gazes at the children

remembering when he was their age

and how terribly quickly it all passes

i read it somewhere

18 Nov

did you know that pelicans were placed

into forced labor on a remote south sea island?

i read it somewhere

sounds crazy but maybe it’s true

did you know that pottery can not only grow hair

they can grow arms and legs and hands and feet

eyes, nose and mouth!

but they keep all that stuff hidden till late at night

at pottery barns all across America

they hold raucous rallies yelling

“the whole country is going to pot, and we love it!”

i read it somewhere, or maybe it was YouTube

sounds crazy but maybe it’s true

toodle ooo

17 Nov

i had a good time while we were together

but the wheel has turned

we did what we could do

toodle ooo

we were busy as bees putting something together

only a few more puzzle pieces to fit

but the wind was stronger than we

toodle dee

so better for us to just sail through the air

let those folks point, let those folks stare

what’s fair is fair

we worked our fingers right down to the bone

you and i

time to fly away without a care in this world


worn to a frazzle

16 Nov

sometimes life can be a series

of compulsory exercises

stretched out, pulled and pushed

worn to a frazzle

a frazzle being what is left

after all the razzle dazzle

it’s how you are when you are finally home

after counting all the cracks in the ceiling

while standing on one toe

and then you get up again to a new rainy day

for some more mandatory calisthenics

there is a word for it

15 Nov

you know where you get really nervous

around large bodies of water?

aquaphobia i believe it may be called

don’t like being on a ladder?

what is that called? there is a word for it

agoraphobia? no. maybe. i don’t know for sure

there is a word for when you don’t know for sure

there is a word for it

for when you put things in when you should put things out

for when you say the exact opposite of what you mean

there should be a word for when everything is like something

but is never what it is

there is a word and if there isn’t a word

somebody will make one up and make it stick

plum nekkid

14 Nov

this feller showed up at my shack

plum nekkid

asked me if i wanted to donate to a worthy cause

i’m thinkin’ that cause would be himself

but why he was nekkid is beyond me

maybe Netflix could make some kinda documentary

then it started to be i’d see

people nekkid, standing beside the road

there’d  be nekkid folks hanging out in my barn

now i don’t mind helping out now and then, but

this nekkid stuff has got to stop!


the ultimate umami

13 Nov

the spice of life cannot have sweet

without bitter

summer without winter

life is a mix of cold and hot

black and white

joy mixed with depression

angry with elation

the ultimate umami

the full range of experience

melded into one indescribable thing

an experience all it’s own

a new sensation