5 Oct

just one


at home

in a darkened corner

all alone

beyond anyone’s reach

past anyone’s caring


walking aimless

where is not important

when is not important

a dim sense of i

soon to be extinguished


for a moment

then gone

a matter of perspective

4 Oct

one person’s life is

another person’s death

one person’s dream is

another person’s nightmare

one person’s sin is

another person’s opportunity

one person’s fear is

another person’s thrill

one person’s lie

is another person’s truth

one person’s God

is another person’s Devil

one person’s love

is another person’s hatred

one person’s dilly dally

is another person’s firm commitment

one person’s fantasy

is another person’s horror

one person’s responsibility

is another person’s burden

on it goes….

up and down

all around

a matter of perspective

squeeze me hard enough

3 Oct

if you squeeze me hard enough

i might become the diamond you desire

instead of this rough piece of coal

smelly, hard, and black

a fossil fuel

if you squeeze me hard enough

but you can’t

your strength is not nearly enough

you will only succeed in hurting yourself

while i remain hard and ugly

a lump

given to children on Halloween

as a joke

if you squeeze me hard enough


maybe one day

you will discover the gem

that i am

delivered incognito

2 Oct

the goods were clean

delivered incognito

from across the stream

no jacked-up quick book aficionado

is going to trip me up this time

because these goods are fine

like sparkling wine

and they were delivered in the deepest night


no one the wiser

the information is fragrant

but rotting

too much time out in the sun

bucket clauses notwithstanding

this baby is clean

delivered incognito

but only to a few

ample cause for a whoop-de-do

I cannot lie

1 Oct

I cannot lie without looking away

I cannot fly without wings

I cannot sigh without a sad memory

I cannot die lest I live

I cannot have my pie

and cake

and eat it too

I cannot buy without any money

I cannot be high without some kind of illegal activity

I cannot see the sky

from beneath my bed

Ha! I guess I cannot lie

but I try

I sure do try

heebie jeebies

30 Sep

scratching beneath the surface

of things

all bets are off

anything can happen and will

and will leave you tiptoeing out on the windowsill

with the heebie jeebies

too much reality can shock your brain

and you will never ever be the same

out there mumbling on street corners

about what is going on

behind the curtain

a little bit of creepy can be a lot of fun

but too much creepy

leaves you staring into the barrel of a gun


how did i get here?

choirboys wish

29 Sep

choirboys wish they could eat like us

strawberries, pears, apples, and artichokes

beets, radishes, corn on the cob

fresh onions and hot meat

all mashed together

a fragrant mound upon the plate

but what can we do?

all I have to get around town

is a lightbulb in my shoe

choirboys think we got it made good

they savor all our stolen goods

and speak in secret of wicked, nasty things

the choirboys don’t know us that well

in fact, we have never met

lies and innuendo multiply at the multiplex

the choirboys watch versions of us

upon their little screens

the choirboys wish they could eat like us

dress like us

live like us

if they can’t be like us

they may have to condemn us

and take all the lightbulbs

from our shoes

down deep

28 Sep

if i go down deep

to where the earth is hot

and molten

down deep with the filth

where nobody cares

urges run like rivers

and all our inhibitions are

stripped away by


if i go down deep

into that place where

i can no longer breathe

death becomes a door

will i take that desperate step?

down deep

with the dinosaurs?

down deep

with the spirits of the



27 Sep

we all dig masks

no doubt about it

we like to hide as we

dig deep into our deepest desires

we have masks within masks

and there is always some joker

who tries to pull away our masks

because other people’s masks

scare us

we are terrified of other people’s deep desire

but expect them to have no fear of our own

we want acceptance of our masks

in order to protect our true face

from the cruel light of a harsh truth

we all dig masks

because once something is seen

it cannot be unseen

i don’t wanna be no poet no more

26 Sep

when the false face shows

it’s teeth

when the prize ain’t worth the chase

when everything i ever felt

was just a foolish dream

i don’t wanna be no poet no more

i have nothing left worth saying

just a few false flags

empty words

when my heart cannot be found

and my head is below the ground

what’s the point of trying?

what’s the point of anything?

i don’t wanna be no poet no more

i would just go on home and refuse to play

if i knew where home was


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