Life is

27 Aug

Life is a series of blunders

leading to a job well done

Life is serious and fun

Life is lost, life is won

Life is a precious pile of crap

the fuel upon which our engine runs

Life is a contradiction

a crime with no conviction

an infection which can never heal

until the deal is done

Life is a kiss and life is a gun

Life can get too close

and life can be so very far away

Life keeps and creeps

hidden away

Life has no shame

Life is just there

As it is

Life is

The Face of Mother Mary

26 Aug

The face of Mother Mary

painted upon a lodestone

I held her in my injured hand

my right and righteous hand

It had been given to me by

a group of women in a small little school

or it may have been some kind of artist’s

colony, a refuge for the injured

righteous in their sin

but I didn’t feel worthy of their love

and tried to return it, but could not

true of the stone, and true of my love as well

The Face of Mother Mary, crudely painted

upon the rough magnetic surface

stared into my eyes and try as I might

i could not drop the stone upon the altar

the bright blue beams of light

traveled up my arm and

healed my brain and body

the lodestone held tight to my hand

and the vibration was like some kind of

holy generator

I looked again upon her dark eyes

and I think she may have grinned

The face of Mother Mary

Settle down Gramps!

25 Aug

I think we should elect someone really really old

and call him Gramps

he’d always be bitchin’ bout this and that

tellin’ the North Koreans to get outta his yard

tellin’ us all how we’ve lost respect

for a good honest dollar

an’ how even if we can’t get along we

can at least give each other a fine Howdy do.

He could remember (when he could remember anything at all)

how it was and how it ain’t like that anymore

and we’d say

Settle down Gramps!

take a little rest

don’t get your bowels in an uproar

and this would upset Gramps even more

he’d tell us how we have all lost our way

it was so much better in his day

and everybody would laugh and ignore him

I think we should elect someone like that

someone really really old

we’d call him Gramps.

i’ve overgrown myself

24 Aug

i’ve outpaced my living space

jumped too high

and been laid too low

i’ve overgrown myself

and now i’m alone in

virgin territory

where too much is happening

and not enough response

just a long distance runner

i can see myself in yet another


all spread out upon the sky

am i

i am all places at once

and have trouble collecting

my thoughts

i’ve overgrown myself

and become someone else

familiar and profane

ever so distant

and yet

near enough to touch

would you like my poem

23 Aug

would you like my poem

to be dry as a bone

with a steady backbeat


would you like my poem

to be juicy as a plum

or just plain dumb

wouldn’t that be fun?

i could give this poem

my best blueberry drip

leaving the best parts for last

i could

but this a poem that passes

like the smell of fried eggs and bacon

wafting in and out of your life

in just a fraction of a second

would you like my poem to be well done?

or would you like my poem

to be over


and not too greasy

tomorrow today

22 Aug

i will hang myself up tomorrow

but i’ll be so happy go lucky


i will eat out regularly

come tomorrow

but today

i’ll eat at home

i will rearrange my memories

and knock off my shelves

all the things i thought i might need

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

so much to do tomorrow

but i will be satisfied with my self

and let the junk be what it may today

i’ll blow myself up

make headline news


but i will be not be anything special

and i will go on my way silently


like a submarine


today is all there is after all

tomorrows are always tomorrow

always what will happen some day

that day that will never come

the choice that is not a choice

21 Aug

the life that is not a life

but a bogus bingo

taking me to random destinations

and meaningless beliefs

the job that is not a job

but a preoccupation

everybody’s got to have an addiction

doing what we can to survive

and pay the piper

the choice that is not a choice

but a command

from outside the mind

driven by fear

of being so wrong

so twisted in my feelings

that I’ll succumb and grow numb

and never find a way

out of this wi-fi prison


20 Aug

perfectly silent

perfectly round

signal to ground

perfectly smooth

perfectly penetrated

by a single word

perfectly planned

perfectly executed

the one became many

and the signal became


fragmented and corrupted

perfect is the memory

perfect is the dream

all else is approximation

and pieces of you

pieces of me

be careful

19 Aug

be careful

things are disappearing

just like that

desperation spreads like a wildfire

out of control

oil and water do not mix

there is a gap between

what you intend

and what occurs

and pretty is not pretty

if it is too soon

walk lightly

and conceal your stick

nobody needs the truth just yet

just a secure connection

be careful

watch your watchmen

and count your blessings

before the deluge

Heart of the Question

17 Aug

That was the heart of the question

that was the meat on the bone

Thanks very much for the offer

but I think I’ll just eat it at home

You know how people always talk

around and around

until it makes you sick an’ you wanna puke?

get to the point, roll it all up

don’t let it get all infected and full of puss

But….and it’s a big but too!

The heart of the question means honesty

the heart of the question means you

not the unreasonable landlord or the mean old boss

or the bitch or the bastard

or kids that won’t listen to a thing I say

But Yeah! I know! Right?

That’s a lot of food for thought, amigo!

Down close to the bone

Thanks for the offer

But I think I’ll just eat it at home


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