sleeping dogs

24 May

sleeping dogs do not lie

it is not in their nature

but sleeping dogs do worry

they see and hear and smell

and have no idea

and so they run and bark

at that furry thing without a face

never once figuring out

it is just their own tail they are chasing

and dogs do not eat dogs

but of course

they eat pretty much anything else

when you see a reflection of a dog

you see god

dog in reverse

arf! arf!

people love puzzles

23 May

people love predicaments

something to handle, something to solve

people like to pause to ponder

how to rob Peter to pay Paul

something to examine, and comment upon

people love puzzles

hidden messages within lovely meters

where the hell is Waldo?

we check our phones, and our palm pilot

for clues

perhaps we don’t have all the pieces yet

to this pot boiler of a political plot

but soon we will all hang together

like peas in a pod

it’s possible, but more likely we

hang separately, but either way

we hang


living in the future

22 May

it can be hard living in the future

i don’t know the slang

and i can’t find the controls for

these machines that can think

more and more we humans

are expendable, useful only as

curious artifacts or possibly (ha ha)

as consumers (ha ha ha ha!)

who are these rich people of the future

who can afford to have a toilet that

talks to them, ‘time to poop, time to poop.’

i guess i miss the past, not the actual past

but my imaginary past, and my imaginary future

shall remain imaginary forever

let’s party!

21 May

let’s party! and throw our hands up

toward the welcoming sky of spring

let us be outrageous in our exuberance

painted bright and hiding nothing

here we are, ridiculous but undaunted

human hybrids

one part creature, one part divine

intertwined into this crazy mixture

marching towards the sea

let’s party! like there is no tomorrow

and see what such abandon brings


a beautiful day can kill you

20 May

sunshine can pierce you

a smile can break your heart

daisies can make you miss the bus

blue skies can strain your neck

a beautiful day can kill you

i’d hold your hand and give you a hug

but it hurts too much

after my imagination led to a foolish fall

from grace

yes, a dreary day can get you down

but a beautiful day can kill you

enchantment (just a breath away)

19 May

watch as the jaybird marks his way

through the briar patch of everyday reality

mark my words with a fine point sharpie

we live in many different places all at once

enchantment (just a breath away)

promises can become threats if not honored

so be mindful of the myriad connections

found in totally unexpected places

listen as the crow caws, as the cat gazes

at the mystery inside the heart of things

enchantment (just a breath away)

can you feel it against your cheek

a promise of paradise

don’t be late

don’t count me out yet

18 May

some people think i’m the best brand ever

until something gets stuck in their craw

then i’m tossed out with the garbage

and recycled into something new

but that’s ok, don’t count me out yet

i’ll still be here after all the trends play out

ugly as sin and free as the breeze

maybe not at the top of the pops

but able to snuzzle down deep beneath your skin

don’t count me out yet

for i’m like that sock that you haven’t found yet

someday i will show up

and you will not know what to do with me

something you don’t know

17 May

Whoa! Slow down there pardner!

yelled the red faced man with the ten gallon hat

let me tell ya a story make your hair stand on end

an’ after i’m done, well…you be the judge

i don’t need yet another horror to add to my list

i said, i got places to go now and no time for it yet

yeah, well i can tell by the look in your eye that

you got more goin’ on than most folks round town

you think you know all ya need to know, i know

i know all about ya, pardner, the man said between

spitting out gobs of tobacco

let me tell you something you don’t know

there be things goin on outside our field of vision

split your head wide open like a melon

things ya wouldn’t wish on your own worst enemy

i’m tellin ya cause i think you might be the one who could

oh hell, i can tell by your stance you don’t wanna hear no more

you know what you know and that suits you just fine

you don’t want to hear about how it’s all out of our hands

these things were written down a long time ago

these things were planned

and then he moseyed on down the street

whistling to himself some old Chuck Berry tune

a not so cheap diner

16 May

this is a poem about how i avoided

the bru-ha-ha at the self-help convention

my mother was there and i couldn’t

sit while they picked apart my crazed reputation

with mom there sighing her sigh and shaking her head

so i left into the rain and the cold

and found a brightly lit but very tacky diner

where i hoped i could have myself some meat loaf

i was surprised to discover that my sister worked there

the one with the jet black hair and a weary look

that said there wasn’t anything on God’s great Earth

that she hadn’t seen or might even have invited

into her home, and seeing her brother wet

and stupid as usual, how he survived she’d never know

she warned me about the meat loaf, it’s $20 she said

but i ordered anyway, and watched how my sister

could smile without smiling, just a hint of humor

beneath all that black, saying “can you believe this?

you and i , kids killing a summer afternoon on the steps

and now here we are in your dream, or my dream

perhaps this is where everyone ends up finally

in a not so cheap diner eating twenty dollar meat loaf

my toaster knows me better

15 May

my doorknobs are resentful

and whisper to the carpet

he’s home, get ready to record

my apartment watches and listens

to every word uttered in haste

my toaster knows me better

than i know myself

and my stove wishes it didn’t

my television keeps a daily watch

and my table agrees with the chair

i need to exercise more

they all think they are pretty darn smart

i wish i could just switch them all off