I’m not just a regular guy

22 Jan

i don’t have a house

i don’t have a car

i don’t have investments

i don’t play golf

I’m not just a regular guy

who bets on the game

and tells himself to stop smoking

and drinking

i have my own irregular ways

i get along just fine

not keeping my nose to the grind


blue shoes

21 Jan

i am quiet, taking it all in

standing there in my blue shoes

taking careful note of each key played

upon life’s grand piano

no longer relying on luck

i carve out my niche deliberately these days

no off chance gonna upset my cart

i will stand my ground right here

in my blue shoes

for sure i will be here

even after the sun goes down

no worries

steady as she goes

blue shoes

let go

20 Jan

i wish my arms were thousands of miles long

so i could hold this world together

it feels as though everyone is flying apart

and i fear for them

but i know i have to

let go

allow the water to find it’s way

to the ocean

let the moths fly into the light bulb

and watch as the baby tumbles and bleeds

my arms aren’t that long

and my vision is failing

it happens to the best of us

let go

simply let go

it’s not smart

19 Jan

it’s not smart to be sad

and miss out on the sunshine

it’s not smart to hide out in the gloom

better to rejoice in what is

than dwell in bitterness over what is not

it’s just not smart

but i can be as dumb as a post

when the world won’t bend

and time refuses to reverse course

so i can try try again

stubborn as a mule as twice as dumb

it’s not smart to be my own worst enemy

pulling the rug from out my own ambitions

turning my head from my desire

i want to do

18 Jan

i want to do what cannot be done

i want to have what cannot be had

i want to do it easily

without regret

i want to dive into the ocean

and not get wet

i want to dive into the sun

and not get burned

i want to do the impossible

and shape the world to my own design

but i am myself and no other

and the self that i know

has limits

i want to know the self i haven’t known

i want to set that self free

it makes no sense

17 Jan

it makes no sense

the way i walk

the way i never really talk

just sounds meant to soothe

the savage beast

it makes no sense but i sense it

January days are like oak

dense and comforting

in a claustrophobic way

it makes no sense to feel this way

look this way, or write this way

there is a virus going around

it’s like a pebble in my shoe

i can never find

a nagging bit of unacknowledged truth

it makes no sense



16 Jan

there are so many songs right now

about dreams

and the promises those dreams make

there are so many dark songs

full of warnings of things to come

but all these songs tell me that

there is more to the eye and the ear

than the plain manila envelope we were handed

there are rhythms of pleasure

and rhythms of pain

and melodies which lift us higher

and lyrics that make us wonder

so much more to discover

so much more to sing in song

who am i?

15 Jan

who am i? this weary vessel

of skin and bone and

hopes and dreams?

who am i? that i sit and

write again and again

thinking each word brings me

closer to you, and you know who

you are

you are the best part of me

my legacy

who am i, but each of you?

and with each word spoken or written

to one another

we become intertwined

until my hopes and your hopes

your dreams and my dreams

become indistinguishable


a cold, overcast day

14 Jan

a cold, overcast day does not lend itself

to celebration, but rather

to contemplation

a long look back into dusty closets

where ancient scrapbooks are rarely seen

and old journals wait patiently but

are never read

as we gaze inside this attic, this basement

full of joy, but also some dread, lest

we stumble upon a skeleton or two or three

we consider taking these skeletons out of there

and putting them on display as lessons learned

but no

for a cold, overcast day is not a day for such

bold resolve

instead we allow the past to be the past

in the dark, covered in mold

doe maka no sense nohow

13 Jan

i cocka doodle do to you each day

maka play for u each day

but the crackle don’t crackle

and the pop don’t pop

like it use ta

doe maka no sense nohow

my kisses have become so political

an your responses have been so pitiful

just a cheap knock off carelessly whispered

doe maka no sense nohow

i cocka doodle do to you each day

but you don’t lay no eggs