it’s a hot day

27 Jul

it’s a hot day

and all the bony maronies have come

out to play

it’s a hot hot day

the fishies swim upstream in search

of someplace cool

hip and swinging

like the hotties down on the pier

rocking and rolling with the crashing waves

something cool to do

on a hot hot, unusually hot day

crab cakes and lemonade

floppies and jalapeno popcorn

roasting pig parts on a spit

dug in the sand upon a crowded beach

it’s a hot hot hot day

even the sharks need something to block

all these unforgivable rays

because sunshine can be fatal

on a hot hot hot, miserably hot day

you can feel the butter as it melts

upon this parched and toasted landscape

if only we could dive deeply into

a wet cool cave

she spoke without speaking

26 Jul

she spoke without speaking

only her blue eyes sparkling and

i could have filled many a book with

what those blue eyes said

but sitting here now

awake and alone

i can’t think of a word

she told me i could jump so high

and never come down unless i choose

in so many words unspoken

but how? said i

you are tantalizing me

transporting me

and i have to know more!

just a smile and a chuckle is all she would allow

she spoke without speaking

stretching out her arms to embrace the sky

she sighed

and so did i

he’s cheeky

25 Jul

he’s cheeky with leaky trousers

and the juice runs down his leg

he’s yelling at you again

out behind the Tastee Freeze

with his cherry red motorcycle

sucking on a popcicle

he’s stupid in a charming kind of way

or maybe just entertainingly dumb

possibly even dumber

his trousers hang way below the point of decency

you can see him often on a street corner

just standing there holding his hot dog

but he’s cheeky, you gotta give him that

or else he’ll just grab it clean out of your hand

always got some clever little hand gesture

which means his pants are leaking again

and the juice is forming a puddle around his boots

we want, we love, we need

24 Jul

there is one thing we know when

we feel our heart beat

we want, we love, we need

we are not Gods

we are vulnerable and one day will die

we want, we love, we need

restless in our mortality

our feet on the pavement

our eyes on the stars

sometimes our bodies have trouble

keeping up with our desires

from where we came and to where we will go

many books have been written

but one thing we know

we want, we love, we need


so much more

than can ever be given

it’s a fantastic world

23 Jul

it’s a fantastic world that we create for ourselves

it’s a fantastic world that twists our words

and skews our intentions

to fit right in with what everybody knows

is wrong

the make up and gear up and work up and stir up

all about something we have never actually seen

all about people we have never actually met

living within what must be a highly profitable dream

for someone

but those profits never seem to trickle down

it’s a fantastic world

have you seen the movie about this world?

have you heard the song?

have you climbed the crystal staircase?

only to end up in a single occupancy hotel

wondering what happened to this world

this fantastic world

although you can see it on virtually every billboard

what ever happened to that world?

the little me

22 Jul

I spend so much time feeding and grooming

the little me

I have little precious time left for the big guy

who pays the bills

I spend so much time consoling the little me

whenever he feels neglected and ignored

that I have precious little time to congratulate

the big guy on a job well done

but the little me is me just as much as the big one

I guess I’m stuck with this child

within a man

It’s not so bad I suppose

except when the little me

needs to have his diaper changed

A Jack of all Trades

21 Jul

He’s a bonebreaker


living on old crumpled up newspapers

doesn’t have a care in the world

they say

but they say a lot of things these days

He’s a jack of all trades

quick with a blade

slow with a kiss

he’ll keep on going after the sun done quit

sometimes he sits and thinks

most times he just sits

but he doesn’t give a rip

even if the women all pass him by

he’ll fix up an egg, a tomato and a french fry

and figure out some way to go

that has the least aggravation

doesn’t have a care in the world

they say

but they say a lot of things these days

For The Light Does Not Forgive

20 Jul

The Light Reveals All

The Light Reaches Through All Barriers

And Destroys All Which Is Dark and HIdden

The Light Does Not Engage In Debate

It Reveals and That Is All

And That Is Sufficient

For the Light Does Not Forgive

It Cannot

Fortunately For Us Measly Ones

Creeping About Our Measly LIttle Ways

There Is Something Else

Something Which Gives Solace

It Allows Only So Much LIght

And So Much Shadow

We Cannot Perceive This Source

It Is Beyond The Stars

And Deep Within Our Hearts

The Light May Not Forgive

As The Darkness Can

But There Is A Place

Where Forgiveness Is No Longer Needed

With Just Enough of Everything

Island of Self-satisfaction

19 Jul

All these years I thought I had lived

upon an Island of Self-satisfaction

but instead I lived upon a thumb

sticking up so nakedly as if to say

“Here I am! and I’m not going back.

I’m as satisfied as a turtle lying on his back.”

and the bridges that were built so long ago

began to crack from minor complaints and now

are covered with a film of dissatisfaction

and letting in the sea

and people from all over the world

come to my island that is not really an island

I can’t understand what they are saying

or why they choose to photograph the things they photograph

perhaps they hope to gain a little satisfaction of their own

so much work to be done

too many bridges leading to too many places

so much dissatisfaction

I can’t hope to repair them all

a quick one

18 Jul

a quick one

while I can

no enough time

for much rhythm and rhyme

just a dash and a dime

jink, jam, jury

whoa! I gotta be careful

I don’t trip over my own

two lines

gotta finish up now

or my quick becomes a hurry

then there would be cause

for worry


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