a perfect tumbler

24 Apr

when life throws me punches

i find it easier for me

if i don’t regard them as punches

but as the play of the universe

pushing, pulling, tugging, tumbling

and if my thoughts and emotions

are as agile as my body

then i will have become a kind of ninja

of the mind

a perfect tumbler


22 Apr

i have secrets to tell

about how much i yearn

for pleasures i have never felt

i long for someone to take me

out of myself

i need someone’s touch

to heal these self-inflicted wounds

i need a special place

where miracles can happen

i need someone to remember

what i was really like

after my body gives out

and i return to dust


21 Apr

i remember the first time

i came to this town

everything felt tilted

a little more each day

until this town flipped upside down

and i had to cling tightly

but now the technology has arrived

to set things right


people are using that tech

to ride scooters all day long

now i miss that tilt

now i miss that tumble

going to extremes

20 Apr

Adolf Hitler was born on this day

the perfect day for going to extremes

a time for the kitschy art of the insipid

for getting high for the sake of getting high

and for telling the big lie

the whole thing gives me the creeps

it’s a day to contemplate the triumph

of those things which could never happen

but did

it’s a day for giving in to the temptation

everybody wants to rule the world

everybody wants to get high


to get high


forget yourself

19 Apr

have you ever wanted

to forget yourself?

and spend the rest of your days

as someone else

or maybe as no one at all

just living like a breeze

passing through a street

people feel you upon their cheek

smile and for a moment think

that breeze was so soft and inviting

it felt more like an embrace

memory squats

18 Apr

memory squats

over all my thoughts

like a dense layer of clouds

ready to burst


it never does

it just grows heavier with time

and the people i meet

remind me of people long ago

making me older than i thought

these kinds of memories stretch

back for centuries

until all our memories

become the universe

wake up!

16 Apr

wake up! the clouds are about

to roll across the sky

and the Gods and Goddesses

are about to cry

bitter tears over an Age

that never was and will never

be again

wake up! smiles await you!

for this life can be anything

you choose

the One True One

the Nameless One

looks out upon a vast canvas

and watches in amazement

as the created creatures create

wake up! so much to do!

wake up!

today is today

14 Apr

i would rather stop the flow of time

allowing a long moment to think

and consider and weigh the possiblities

but today is today

not yesterday

and not tomorrow

and the simple truth of this can be


it’s like changing a tire

while the car is racing down the road

ride um’ cowboy!

yee hah!!

13 never cares

13 Apr

what are we gonna do?

when the clock strikes

13 o’clock?

will we remember?

will we pick up where we

left off?

standing and gazing cockeyed

at a blazing moon

in a sky that’s all zigzags

in the 13th room on the 13th floor

middle of nowhere

center of everywhere

13 never cares

about our opinion on the matter

it blows holes in our reality

hope you like swiss cheese

and doughnut holes



i do

12 Apr

when you see out there

perched upon a precipice

don’t worry

i’m just appreciating the view

contemplating my density

please understand that when

i seem distant

and you’re thinking i don’t care

i’ve been absent from your world

not because i don’t love you

but because

i do