it’s what we do do

29 Jul

all across America

all across the World

people are getting up

pouring themselves a cup of coffee

so they can charge up those batteries

and go to work

and work we do do

often without so much as a howdy do do

it’s what we do do

that counts

anything else is a pipe dream

so each day we do it some more

until we are deep in the do do

and looking forward

to our next day off

sugar and spice

28 Jul

sugar and spice and everything nice!

that is what my job is about now

cheerfully welcoming you into my den

of innocence once again

delight in caramel and peach

giving color to your cheeks

you will think you have found a new

best friend

who satisfies your childish whim

sugar and spice and a brief respite

from the ugly world outside

which looks and tastes terrible!

obligations and dutys

27 Jul

this morning my body aches

from obligations and dutys

which weigh upon my mind

gone is the unemployed vacation

of sleeping late and lazy breakfasts

now it’s a new job and jury duty

all crammed into one

obligations and dutys

aren’t a whole lot of fun

but they keep the machine running

i guess all vacations eventually end

let’s be silly

26 Jul

let’s be silly in these serious times

make a foool of ourselves in the face of power

and be as ridiculous as the occasion does not

call for

we can’t help it, you see

we hear a different trumpet

a different drummer

a tune that only the silly can hear

for the silly have no fear

because you can’t take anything away

from those who have nothing left

so silly of them to think they can bully us

into falling into line

we know no lines

we are silliness sublime

our world may be rigged, but…

25 Jul

our world may be rigged, but..

there are many people hacking, hacking, hacking

away at those ropes

that hold the whole rotten mess together

corruption has a tendency to stink after a while

and then it begins to leak out around the seams

until the whole thing comes apart

what is done in the dark

is revealed in the light

our world may be rigged, but….

not for long

too many people have been fooled

too many people are fed up

a drab life

24 Jul

there’s no reason to lead a drab life

a sad life

an empty life

when there are diamonds in the dew

blueberries in the morning breeze

and hot tamales sizzle in the sunset

treasures lie hidden round every corner

and serenity beckons down each shady lane

to those who have the eyes to see

and the ears to hear

there is a richness to this world

and many exciting things to do

adventures that extend from the touch

of one hand to another

there’s no reason at all

to lead a drab, sad, empty life

how unfortunate

23 Jul

how unfortunate that i rolled

when i should have rocked

i made my bed

but neglected to lie in it

how unfortunate that the words i said

were not the words you expected

and the things i did were but an empty pantomime

of desires unexpressed

how unfortunate

that you should happen to notice my shortcomings

at the least opportune moments

leaving me standing there awkward and ashamed

with my hair sticking out

and my pants unzipped

how unfortunate

that i didn’t say all these things much sooner

but i didn’t want to cry

i didn’t want to whine

I can’t speak for you

22 Jul

I am the fella who didn’t know what hit him

I am the fella who is still looking forward to

growing up

I am the fella who just wants to live another day

without …..

I am the fella who just forgot what he was about

to say

I can’t speak for you

and I know if I scream out loud

it won’t improve anyone’s hearing

I can only speak for myself and hope

I’m not alone in my loneliness

not alone in thinking that life goes by

too fast

without really getting a chance to play with

my toys

or write that book

form that band

or kiss those girls

write your own poem

I can’t speak for you

no coincidence

21 Jul

like attracts like

what goes around comes around

no coincidence

it’s woven in

pull on a thread

it affects everything

every act

is a magical act

every word out of your mouth

is an incantation

be careful what you wish for

you might just get it


the biggest lies

20 Jul

the biggest lies

are the lies most easily believed

so many lives have been lost

to the sound of trumpets

and brightly colored banners

and promises of greatness

and glory

it’s a confidence game

as old as old can be

you’d think we’d learn but

we want so much to believe the lies

and so every time

they make of our dreams

a bitter mockery

a tool for their own boundless vanity

they proclaim loudly and crudely

how they are winners

even as we see them losing


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