my head feels like water

29 Mar

my head feels like water

my feet feel like glue

my heart feels like fire

and my hands feel like dirt

my tongue feels like a sponge

and my back is in need of a friend

my chest is full of air

i feel like flying

i feel like drilling a hole

to the center of the earth


the invisible manhole

28 Mar

did you know our world is not whole?

we are plagued by the invisible manhole

so named because such a hole can

swallow a man whole

women need not apply

it is man’s job to be swallowed

there is a manhole lurking in my

bathroom and kitchen

i have to watch my step

as i do my daily business

this is not a pleasant subject

for man nor beast

although women seem to like it

with that i have said my piece

sticking out

27 Mar

from the moment my butt

was spanked and i could breathe

air, for the first time

i was sticking out like

an unwanted child

delivered into a world too cold

and too hot

i wish i could return to

what? i could no longer recall

for now i was sticking out

like the awkward little creature

that i was, learning to crawl

learning to form words

this thumb of a life i have led

has gotten mighty sore over time

and here i am

still sticking out at the most

awkward of times

exposed as the odd animal

that i am

what we don’t know

26 Mar

what we don’t know

lingers just beyond our reach

there is no one with whom you can

talk about it

for what we don’t know

is an unspeakable disease

it waits for us

with it’s tiny eyes

and huge mouth

it leaves strange messages

an unwanted guest in every dream

speaking in it’s mechanical voice

what we don’t know

envelopes us, squeezes us

and ever so slowly

eats us alive


pleasant poison

25 Mar

isn’t it odd how we yearn for a past

that never was

how we hold out for that magic

that never seems to come

our fantasies captivate us

such a pleasant poison

are our desires

killing us with a kiss

what a blissful death this is

the new centurian

24 Mar

hopes run high for

the new centurian

whose motives are beyond question

whose sword is swift

and eye is keen

and whose boots are the tallest

anyone has ever seen

there will blood

there will be tears

this is not a time for second guessing

it is time for the bold move

the blind faith

the new centurion

will decide our fate

a shy guy

23 Mar

there she was in her golden dress

with her golden skin

lookin’ so sweet, good enuf to eat

but i shuffled about, couldn’t

meet her eye,  cause i’m just a shy guy

i don’t know why

must be that i need a little more steam

in my genes, to get me goin’

people tend to peer at me

like i peer at them

from a great distance

hesitant to shake my hand

cause everybody wonders and worries

about a shy guy like me

why so shy? she asked me

i i i i i i stammered before i stumbled

and spilled my drink all over her

sparkling shoes


22 Mar

i am not i

the self i knew has been torn

from me

exposed as the lie it always was

names are for characters

in stories

for me, such stories escape my memory

leaving me nameless

to live one must be dead

but this is just another thing

that was said by someone

i have never met

whose name i forget


the importance of slack

21 Mar

too much tight can lead to a fight

and too much sight can strike you blind

too much noise drives the best minds mad


the importance of slack

the laying back

taking time to relax

the space between this and that

is what can keep us alive and sane

so when you are told to pick up your pace

increase your load

or be left holding that proverbial bag

remind him or her

of the importance

the absolutely essential quality

of slack

it’s disgustin’ i know

20 Mar

bodies have a hard time

slipping deep and down

forming deep caverns

and the hair

hair in the ears

hair in the nose

hair in the arse

everywhere hair

it’s disgustin’ i know

with the eyes bulgin’

and the tongue lollin’

and that horrible grin

it’s disgustin’ i know

for a body growin’ old