Soldier of Love

2 Jul

I’m a bundle of snug

like that bug in a rug

I’m a rootin’ tootin’ soldier of love

I glide

I do not march

I’m slick and smooth and in the mood

and all those people that you’ve heard talking

have never known anything as sweet as this

and so they…..but enough about them!

I’d rather be deep in the caress

buried in a soft blanket of skin

while other shooting brings death

my shots bring life

I’m a slap happy

grandpappy of joy

a rootin’ tootin soldier of love

a quick one

1 Jul

a quick one before I have

to take into account my

strange new predicament

a momentary thought that perhaps

if only I’d stopped for a moment

and considered my position

then I might have a bit more time

than this

but better a quick little dash

than a long boring story

sometimes I wonder

and sometimes I don’t wonder enough

I jump right in without so much as a Hey!

a quick one

while the cat is away

a quick one

before I jump once again

into another unexpected day

a sentinel

30 Jun

she thought of me as a sentinel

far out upon the edge of things

saying things that are not allowed

for fear the whole rotten edifice will come tumbling down

for fear forms a shell around all our deepest desires

it colors our perception

in crazy kinds of ways

leading to tragedies unspeakable

she worries for my safety in such a world as this

and admires my comfortableness within my own skin

as i stand guard here

watching and waiting for the new ways to begin

where desire and love and respect all blend

into a playful kind of courage

soft and supple like newborn skin

having no more need of a sentinel

she looks forward to that she said

blasted, burned and baked

29 Jun

blasted, burned and baked

i spent too long in the sun

waving my freak flag high

blocked, bummed, and broke

left loose and feeling as though

i had just managed to survive

the blowback

busted and blown out

i learned my lesson right

never take pleasure for granted

lest’ it knock you up side your head

blasted, burned and baked

and wishing you had exercised

just a little restraint

I take pride

28 Jun

I have lived my life exactly as I have intended

and in this

Just like Frank Sinatra

I take pride

and I try to accept people on their own terms

without judgement or sarcastic comment

and in this

like the man who leaves no footprint

I take pride

except that pride may not actually be the right word

because pride always suggests shame

just as white always suggests black

and sunshine rain

as if just merely being were not enough

we are who we are

perfect when viewed by an uninfected eye

completely without artifice

without a single false note

I take pride, indeed I do take pride

when I see how I have more than survived

I have prospered

just as the flowers grow from a mulch

I have grown from my out of my shame and self-hate

to be as I am


27 Jun

embarrassing isn’t it?

when you’re suddenly caught off guard

by your own enthusiasm

unable to play it cool and close

to the vest you forgot to wear

swept up into the intoxicating air

of crazy possibilities

embarrassing when all the envious stare

and wonder at your audacity

you find yourself doing things you

never thought you’d do

finding that you knew all along

and pretended not

embarrassing when all is revealed

and the expected condemnation does not occur

only celebration

how embarrassing

a bee’s wax conversation

26 Jun

hey I got lots and lots and lots of bee’s wax

and I got more stashed in a storage locker

stacks and stacks and stacks of bee’s wax

I got bee’s wax hats, and a bee’s wax mustache

I even got bee’s wax people walking on bee’s wax streets

I got more bee’s wax than anybody’s ever seen

listenin’ to you got me peekin’ through cracks

and walkin’ at an angle

never did like bees, didn’t like ‘um then, don’t like ‘um now

I ain’t talking about bees, I’m talkin’ bout their wax

stop confusin’ my mind, and stick to the facts

bee’s wax is silly, bee’s wax is dumb

listenin’ to you ain’t no fun anymore

I got too much milk in my shoe, and I’m tearing down my trousers

you better watch it with all that bee’s wax now

even the potatoes have eyes you know

Yeah, well even so

what do you care?

It ain’t none of your bee’s wax

Yeah?? well, it ain’t yours either, Henry

they belong to the bees

never did like bees

didn’t like them then, and I don’t like them now


25 Jun

dragonfly drifts over fields of lavender

fresh baked satisfaction on a sunny summer morning

in a place which feels like Italy but is not Italy

but the place where dreams are born

and burst out upon an eager world

throats parched, skin dry

in need of some wet sure nourishment

an imagination they can taste

and hold close against their skin

dazzling the heart

and comforting the mind


is the message

buried deep within the depths of things

waiting for the showers to begin

and the first rays of a precious light

to pierce open the shell

and give motion to the moment

wordless still

exercising the troops

24 Jun

jumping jacks, skip that rope, climb that ladder

exercising the troops

shouting at the dust devils that roll their way

in an ancient holy land

where the soil is bathed with the blood

of the troop exercises of centuries past

we say not to worry about all these tanks

and trucks and missiles and such

we’re just exercising the troops

we won’t be long, we’re just passing through

they can see us push up and pull up all day long

just over the line they drew in the sand

our soldiers are bouncing all around

from the trampolines just over their fence

their troops are nervous and antsy

they have been exercising as well

grumbling, complaining, dissension in the ranks

both sides know their guns aren’t toys

they don’t shoot blanks

nothing much that we can do now

23 Jun

it would have been nice if we could have

seen it coming

exchanged phone numbers just in case

but you thought that I knew that you knew

you hadn’t actually and I certainly hadn’t so…

nothing much that we can do now

just one of those things where if it can go wrong

oh, I know you don’t want any stupid explanations

just move on, spilled milk and all that

why do we keep on trying again and again

when all our efforts end in error?

what is done cannot be undone

nothing much that we can do now

except say please don’t bring that up again

let’s just move on and say stupidity 1 and intelligence 0

we still have a few more games to go in the series

nothing much that we can do now


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