beyond my understanding

24 Nov

it is above my dignity

and beyond my understanding

but there she is

as lovely as a full moon shining

as the day slowly loses it’s light

it’s called twilight

and it is beyond my understanding

how such things as she

can touch that part of me

which has no skin, no teeth, no eyes

but can feel and taste

and see impossible things

for she taught me how

very long ago



working so hard

23 Nov

working so hard

nose to the screen

noises in the afterlife

qweesiness in the spleen

do you know what i mean?

nothing comes cheap

nothing stays new and neat

but we still work hard

day and night

to earn our stay

upon this little ball

waiting for that Hawaiian vacation

in the sky

never say die

just work it some more

nose to the screen

leaving chaos in the aftermath

of a brand new spanking day

can you hear what i say?


a parting of the ways

22 Nov

it can be sad to see old things



may it ever be so humble

a parting of the ways

it can be a serious but inevitable

state of affairs

when friendships fade

and people go far far away

a parting of the ways

that is just the way

that it goes

it can be lonely though

and sad



21 Nov

there is a malarky

in the air today

and in the words that

people say

especially myself

when i listen to my own

inner malarky

i can’t think and

i can’t act with any sort of


because there is malarky filling

up the streets

causing me to trip

and malarky filling up my ears

with urgent nonsense

that’s a lot of malarky

too much malarky to deal with

funny yet strange

20 Nov

funny yet strange

how the world can open up


with a single glance or touch

it’s like we’ve been asleep

partially aware

as we stare into the product

of our own discarded thoughts

and then

something happens

something so true

something that can’t be explained

something that refuses

to go away

the world can open up in that way

any time i stop and look

and listen

and allow myself the grace

to simply be

funny yet strange

how this can happen

but then i return to  the comfort of

my regularly scheduled programs

i’ve had enough magic for one day

this just in

18 Nov

it’s grassy and sassy

and straight off the plain

no need to be afraid

this just in

the police are engaged in a stakeout

but bedbugs are so difficult to kill

still they wait

for the inevitable milk to spill

people are wary of the new

and like to stick with the tried and true

this just in

all our bridges are rusting and rotting

and Trix is no longer just for kids

no use crying and besides

if you begin crying now

the police will close in

just the break they were hoping for

potential trouble source thwarted

thank goodness for that

i was starting to get worried

do it to you before..

17 Nov

people today are so

afraid and stupid to

pray properly

and this leads to killing

which leads to killing

back and forth the knife blade swings

everybody is losing their head

and it’s useless to do

it to you


you do it to me

because if you want all the

madness to stop

just stop

don’t do a thing

just wait and

try not to be noticed

by anyone

i feel like falling

16 Nov

on a cold morning like this

i feel like falling

twisting and turning

deep into the backwaters

of my memory

but i can’t let this happen

not this particular morning

i have obligations to my world

i still have dreams

and plans to fulfill

i feel like falling

but i must rise to this occasion

and find myself standing

here and now

cold and naked

in the bright light of reality

while the dark waters of history

reach out to me

twisting and turning

sickening me

i feel like falling

held hostage

15 Nov

held hostage

in a ramshackle building

by a set of decrepit beliefs

angry beyond words

because they can see their

world is shrinking

losing it’s spin

and soon i have been captured

held up for them to ridicule

a symbol of just how wrong

they have been

if i die

it won’t change a thing

not a million severed heads

not a billion stupid slogans

it’s our world now

they can’t bind us down

they will never win

and so they choose to lose

in the worst way possible

no innocence

14 Nov

there are no innocent bystanders

once born into the web

i am forever wed

what happens to a lady in Spain

happens to us all

i didn’t know, i was not aware

i walked through my life like a ghost

but even ghosts have a responsibility

to other ghosts

i have been pricked, shoved, and violated

just as i have violated, pricked and shoved others

pretending that it was all an unfortunate accident

but there is no innocence

only the web

if only it weren’t so sticky

but it is



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