i should have just punched out

10 Feb

i should have punched out of that place a long time ago

with it’s too tight pants and too high collars

with it’s sleazy reputation and union dues

they would steal your cigarettes and smash your deck of cards

they would pee in the trashcans and poop in the yard

not the kind of work environment i prefer

no respect at all for man or beast

and they didn’t like plants much either

one time when a guy who had worked at this place even longer than i

asked me what i thought which was weird because

nobody ever said anything in that place except

scuse’ me asshole!

but this guy was wearing a heavy overcoat

in the middle of a sultry summer day

and i said i hated every minute i spent there

and this guy snickered

i had never actually heard a man snicker before

and i hope i don’t again

i should have just punched out of that place

a long time ago

i’m not going to make it easy

9 Feb

i’m not going to make it easy, you know

this may become a matter for security

i’m not going to accept a thing that you say

i’ll yell at the moon and curse the whole day

i’m not going to make it easy

i tell the truth when i can and when i can’t

it get all angry and sad mixed up together in a bag

and i don’t know what to do

so i bunch all my hair together in a bun

and then i run just as fast as i can

can’t you see the pain that i’m in?

can’t you see my pants are on fire?

liar, liar, liar

i’m not going to make it easy for you

i’m not going to make it easy for myself

bling to my blog

8 Feb

i guess it’s just time

to add a little bling to my blog

a little polish to my hog

it’s time

after many years of hiding out

to walk my dog

put on another log

and whatever else that rhymes with a rhythm sublime

it’s just another sunny day in Alcatraz, i know

but i just don’t know anymore

and that feels real good

any way you choose to slice it


7 Feb


he cried in the middle of the rushing crowd

do not ignore my pleas, my friends

i am alive!

as much as you, as much as anyone

i am alive!

but the people took no notice as pushed this this man aside

“i have to make it to the next ‘hurrah!’ and drink and drink and drink

and show just how proud i am of where i’m from and what and where

is that place where we were supposed to gather for the final celebration?”

the final celebration

the final chance to show the world just how tough and rough and ready

they all are

“but i’m lost here in this city” he cried

“can’t you see i am alive like you?”

and so the celebration became a crazy mixed up razor blade affair

broken up into pieces

alcohol and blood

and discarded party hats

one of them had printed across the front

in bright red letters


it’s no game

6 Feb

never really sure who’s pulling the strings

who stands behind the curtain?

sometimes it feels as though none of this is real

like i’m just a marker

a piece upon a board

but it’s no game we are playing

the stakes are very real

and yet

why can’t i bring myself to care

to grow, to heal?

have the closing credits already rolled?

and what i think i live today

is just a memory

of a future that has passed?

who knows all the answers?

who holds all the cards?

why does it all feel so empty?

like nothing is going on at all?

all i know is

it’s no game


i miss myself

5 Feb

i miss myself

sitting in the backseat

with my plastic dinosaur

in a tiny little town

in the bright hot sun

waiting for mom and dad to get back in the car

and stop talking to whoever those people are

now, looking back on it

i could have waited a whole lot longer

and my mom and dad would have taken their time

if they had known how soon

every single thing would change

no more little town

no more 1955 Oldsmobile

no more hot sun in the afternoon

no more plastic dinosaur

only memories and imagination

which amounts to the same thing these days

i miss myself

talk to those people for as long as you can

i can wait

wheat from the chaff

4 Feb

i am a miller

i work in the silence of my own pursuit

guiding the wheel upon the stone

grinding out a loaf of soft delicious bread

it’s been a meager harvest

but i’m a miller

and i can make the best of it

separating the wheat from the chaff

preserving that which shall sustain us

from that which shall return to the earth

giving life to the ageless dirt

i am a miller

i am what i am come rain or come shine

don’t care to brag

i prefer to keep things plain

no praise

no blame

can i give you a monster?

3 Feb
she was like a siren
calling to me across the waves
perched on a rock laughing and smiling
offering me a monster
which could wreck my days
and leave me wanting more chaos
higher waves
grip me by the toe in the undertow
drag me into your fetid depths
let me feel your demented desire
monster to monster
we devour each other
and tell nasty stories to our grandchildren
when their parents are away

sick of being sick

3 Feb

i ask myself what could be going wrong

sick of being sick

in public

where everybody can speculate

about the bug in my head

my throat, my lung, my stomach

they ask themselves just how much

of a pain in the ass i am

sick as i am

so right there on the gurney in front of everybody

i am

short of breath

close to death

so sorry to hear they write

but i wish i were out of sight

sick of being sick, so dreary and so weary

in public

where everyone can say to themselves

glad it’s him

and not me

monkey boy

2 Feb

let me tell you about the day

monkey boy got his last banana

you see monkey boy was very well liked

he would dance and prance to all the girl’s delight

and the girls hoped one day he might hold them

and kiss them and of course

they would be the only one

the only banana

but monkey boy had other plans

he wanted all the bananas in the land

he wanted to smell those bananas

squeeze those bananas

and maybe when nobody was looking

he might get to peel them

but respect is not something a monkey usually gets

step by step, it has to be earned

and if a monkey boy plays with fire

sometimes he is going to get burned

so when his favorite banana discovered

he’d peeled a few other fruits

that was the day this monkey boy

had his last banana



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