thinking about the future

28 Feb

sitting beside a shrine to a past

that never really was

just what we would like to dream about

the myth of now

thinking about the future

when it all comes apart or

it all comes together

somehow our desires are slipping away

in the interest of convenience

we all sold out

thinking about the future

when we won’t have to die

or even have an uneasy thought

just the endless pursuit of private obsessions

as we wear out our welcome

and find ourselves the next world

thinking about the future

which blends into the myth

of what never really happened

turning our heads away from the truth

until we start spinning

drunk upon our own vanity

thinking about the future

and inventing the past

what’s the hubbub?

27 Feb

“What’s the hubbub? I cried

What’s the deal, what’s the beef?

The future isn’t what it used to be

Good Grief!

Did you hear about Mr. Nimoy?

He lived long, and prospered

and today, he died.


Why can’t we close our eyes really tight

and make those things go away?

Everybody’s talking about extending

enhancing, and if only we had the right app.

Seems someone has the killer app already

It’s never too late for a brand new caliphate

Raising a ruckus, marching through town

waving their guns in the air

I’d like to just hyperloop out of here

Into a place where nothing more is at stake

and death is just the end of one particular story

while there are many more to be told


(and I think Mr. Nimoy agrees)

I wish to be a gentleman journeyman gent

26 Feb

It’s not that I am a hopelessly out on a limb

although perhaps, I am an unpolished gem

I wish to be a gentleman journeyman gent

a man who never knows what to want

and is constantly amazed at what he gets

Perhaps a jello parakeet of bills

with a colorful tweet and razor sharp beak

or maybe I will invite you inside my dome

and we could close our eyes and call it

home sweet home

I wish to be a gentleman journeyman gent

forever young and ready to march

than to be old with only pot and rot

for inspiration

no time to spare I clutch the hem of your dress

and ask to be invited into your mysteries

I promise to be polite as I explore

for I wish to be proper, but I also wish

to be naked

in a gentleman journeyman gent

sort of way

the mysterious Mr. Trout

25 Feb

Perpendicular to the balance bar

Tucked under the carrier pigeon

lies a message on onion paper

“So sorry for the inconvenience

but I hadn’t thought it mattered

especially to you

Yours, Kilgore”

I had heard of this person before

a well known author’s fictional author

“Venus on a Half-Shell” known by many

but never read, simply because

it was never actually written

and how inconvenient is that?

Sometimes I can imagine his words

as I lie in the dark and have delicious thoughts

an absurdity within an absurdity

the mysterious Mr. Trout

can never pass from this Earth

given he never actually arrived

All young men will read of him one day

and it will serve as their inspiration

and will tickle their imagination

what words would he write today?

and would they be buried within

some sordid website?


24 Feb


I feel sick but I feel ok

I have so much going on inside

but absolutely nothing to say


wide awake when I should be sleeping

my body is buzzing with some kind

of itchy delight or

is it really some kind of sandpaper sickness

and I can no longer tell

the difference


I am walking and talking and eating and writing

and yet I am far away

wondering if I will ever feel normal again


how normal is the new bizarre

and crazy is the new middlebrow

how the things I used to keep hidden

are now at the front of the parade


just plain


The Only Possible Question

23 Feb

No use asking to be or not to be

No use asking why

Because the answer is wrapped in desires

so deep you will have forgotten your question

before long.

Whenever I find myself adrift like an mysterious blip

upon the radar screen

The only possible question

is How

How do I proceed?

Anything that can be imagined, felt, or dreamed

Can be as real as my fingers upon these keys

The only question is how

Hypnotized by belief, we speak of the possible

when we really don’t know until we tip our toe

Into what does not yet exist

We are mesmerized by the fireworks of our mind which

need a plan if they are to become spacecraft

carrying us forward into whatever may be

So we can open up our hearts and cry out


We can do this thing

The only possible question

is How.

I think I need a new

22 Feb

I think I need a new password

because the cyberghosts are haunting me

watching me from over my cybershoulder

I need a way to be safe and secure

deep within my electromagnetic hole

I think I need a new login too

one that does not reveal my intentions

so I might keep my thoughts all to myself

and never draw attention to my loneliness

I think I need a new set of fingers

a new set of eyes and ears

a new head

then nobody would know who I had been

as fresh as the latest news feed

from who knows where

I think I need a new new

because the news hasn’t been so good

Nothing but white as far as I can see

I think I’d like that

Je Suis Le Fool

21 Feb

Tarot_FoolHigh upon the cliff

where the air is crisp and thin

Je Suis Le Fool

oblivious to all but

his own inner jest

about to take just one more step

into eternity

not a care in the world

he always lands on his feet

although many a time it looked perilous

Je Suis Le Fool

invited into palaces where

Angels fear to tread

Dancing upon the head of a pin

Laughing in the face of adversity

Je Suis Le Fool

In love with love he hears the

throbbing heart of paradise

with a million different drummers

beating out a new way to live

Je Suis Le Fool

to be is to be

although that first step

is a doozie, and

you may feel a bit woozie

but smile and laugh

do not hesitate


A Conspiracy of Fun

20 Feb

I am a crazy, unpredictable quantum

filling no quota

replacing all qualitative measure

with a conspiracy of fun

I refuse to be who I am defined to be

and placed upon a statistical government chart

I am brave and bold in my ridiculous art

I am an aging upstart

an open ended equation without a solution

why should I walk a line of dictation

when I can cancel my subscription to gravity

and float to meet my fellow revolutionaries

in that fabulous city in the clouds

we are the hidden direction no one seems to notice

a conspiracy of fun

without instructions we invent the doctrine

sing the document and eat the rules

we are open only to the direction of our desire

and the pressure of our pleasure

a conspiracy of fun

on the level

19 Feb

so here it is, on the level

but i am inclined to flat out lie at times

so you may decline to accept

what i have to say at face value

only in a perfect mathematical equation

could you expect a flawless report

all evened out with no odd events

in the real world there is no level

only bumps and potholes

sudden dips and gentle rises

you may be so inclined as to dream

or decline to believe anything

so if you ask me if this guy is on the level

well no i’d say

this guy appears as a collection of dots by day

and a massive tsunami by night

how can anyone ever be pinned down? you ask

if they are always all over the whole darn place?

good question, i reply

allow me to misspeak, i may even conflate

but as best as any guy can do

here it is, on the level


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