i know you are but what am i?

21 Oct

i know you stink of corruption

i know you couldn’t help but lie

i know all your phrases are borrowed

i know you are all those things and more

but what is that feeling when the sun is bright

and all seems well with the world?

what is that goofy smile beneath the outrage?

i know you are

but what am i?

an accident at birth?

an angel in an alleyway

am i friend or foe?

or maybe even both?

i know and i fear the truth

but still have times when my joy

overflows for absolute no reason

and i am happy with no evidence

to support my smile

i know you are

but what am i?

screw up

20 Oct

what happens when we live

in a constant state of screw up?

a constant flow of corruption?

lives bought and sold

for a microsecond advantage?

makes a person want to throw their hands

in the air

and scream

or else hide far far away

in a nice little cave

with no wifi

no connections of any kind

beside a clear crystal sream

just myself and a few friends

say wha??!

19 Oct

word on the street say wha??!

mixed up party favor shakes

long lines for all those patty cakes

an’ those jinx filled jokers with red noses

say wha??!

say wha!! who turn out the lights?

who take out the trash and

who gonna pay the bills?

wipe that expression done off your face


where ya’ gonna be when it all grow dark?

say wha??!

gonna be gone?

over that rainbow without so much as a song?

say wha?????

i can hear the children playing

18 Oct

each morning as i sit here

before the same blank screen

i can hear the children playing

screaming out with the joy

of just being here

right now

and i wonder what stifles my own joy

why aren’t i crying out with glee?

unable to restrain myself?

instead i remain cool, calm, and reasonably collected

writing poems which will be read by

other would-be overflowing founts of ecstasy

who instead stay steady, perhaps grimly,

upon their course

waiting for that next vacation


i need a partner

17 Oct

i need a partner to find my way

i need a partner with whom i can play

i don’t want a partner that puts

glue on my shoe

i want a partner that does what she do

with style

and grace

i want a partner that will tell me

straight to my face

how much i’m loved and needed

someone they can believe in

i need a partner

cause in this world

singles aren’t allowed in


only couples

feeling like a dinosaur

16 Oct

some days, like these days

i feel like a dinosaur

and not one of those quick ones

running in packs

i feel like a brontosaurus

weighing many many tons

taking many years to form one coherent thought

leading a very slow life

do i really have to get up out of bed?

do i really have to move my legs?

is it any wonder

how guys like me became extinct?


15 Oct

you know

numbers don’t really exist

or maybe they do but

when scientists say that numbers

are all there is

it kind of makes me cringe


i depend on numbers

but i don’t really like them

numbers bore me

i’d rather just eye ball it

and take it in stride


as far as i’m concerned

numbers aren’t needed

i can get along without them

and while we’re at it

let’s get along without the scientists too



13 Oct


to tie my shoes


to give up singing

the blues

ready to take the money

and run

ready to have some fun


i’m set and on the mark

let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!


to feel your grip

around my castanets

ready for darkness

ready for light

ready to regain my sight

lead me, take me

i want to feel your caress

i’m ready

i must confess, i am not impressed

12 Oct

you can show me the money

so much money

buildings so tall they touch the sun

and you can show me the guns

so many guns

big bad guns are so much fun

however, as much as i can empathize

with your boyish brags

i must confess

i am not impressed

i had hoped for something more

like a hail and hearty laugh

and a healthy handshake

letting me know that you’re a lot like me

just putting one foot in front of the other

imaginary burdens

10 Oct

no point in getting my panties in a bunch

over imaginary slights

exaggerated blows to an over inflated pride

but i guess having a point

isn’t the point

there is no point to being insane

just a chaotic descent

tearing me limb from limb

imaginary burdens are the worst kind of baggage

no one can lighten a load that was never there

to begin with

all i can do is allow myself to disappear

into the perfection of the moment

sitting still without opinion or comment

and be, in that moment

absolutely real