whadda i do?

15 Dec

can’t turn right, can’t turn left

the machine doesn’t like my whoop dee do

so whadda i do?

i tried all the magic spells

i made a wish in the wishing well

but there’s a trick to this turn

that i haven’t yet learned

whadda i do?

do i make a call to some guy in Brazil

and try to explain my ill?

he say machine no like no spell

he don speaka your language

he don recognize your face no more

so…fine…so just tell me

whadda i do?

i’ve done blown my kazoo


in my dreams i wander

14 Dec

in my dreams i have a wanderlust

for in my dreams i wander

from strange but exciting places

where the skies and the waves are turbulent

and i can’t speak the language

but the women are all beautiful

and the men are scary

in my dreams i have a wonderlust

for in my dreams i wonder

how it is that i got here

and how can i make it back home?

or is home a place for which

i can never return?

i gaze up at the maddening sky

with it’s odd shaped air machines

and wonder


Dear Lord

13 Dec

Dear Lord please grant me patience

on this day

give me a kind heart

allow the anger and hurt to subside

so i can think clearly

and be fair

Dear Lord I am afraid of myself

of all the angry words

I say to myself

Dear Lord give me the strength to heal

and to heal others

from my house on high

12 Dec

from my perch above the clouds

i play monopoly by myself

and yearn for company

i can gaze out my tiny window

at the tiny specs moving about

but dare not step from out my door

for erosion has eaten away this peak

and one day this house shall tumble

pieces thrown far and wide

but i try not to think of these things

i pass go

i collect two hundred dollars


held accountable

11 Dec

so today i guess everyone is counting

on me

i am going to be held accountable

for every little shake and grind

and i don’t want to be left holding the bag

they will want to know about all of the spice

and everything naughty and nice

every tease, every tickle, and every comment

taken out of context over a steaming cup of tea

no more sloppy seconds, each comma must be in place

because today

everyone is counting on me

so what’s the dilly o?

10 Dec

so what’s up with that? the way your eye doth shine

oh how i wish that all you have were mine

then i wouldn’t have to be myself anymore

so what’s up with those rings? two together on the right hand

the left hand empty and silent and blind

if i lift up your hood, dude, what will i find?

so what’s the dilly o?

one thing points to another and you begin to draw the lines

but absolutely nothing comes from nothing

nothing makes sense and nobody cares

but i hear you worked for a place called psychic guy?

no it was actually psychic eye i reply

but it had a pyramid with an eye as it’s symbol, did it not?

it did i said and let it go at that

so what’s the dilly o? are you illuminati or what?

or what, i said, and i could feel the invisible string grow taut

between my knowledge and his ignorance

lay all the crimes of humanity

and what is up with that?


escaping my attention

9 Dec

escaping my attention

flows the full moon

spreading like melted butter

making me feel sticky and anxious

like i want to climb up high upon the fence

and scream into the night

here i am! i am alive!

why must i feel so all alone

in an overpopulated world

escaping my attention

a moon waxed full begins to wane

bringing an easing of the pain


slipping into the undertow

of a comfortable dream

enticed, annoyed, but enchanted

8 Dec

the wink would have made no difference

had she been blind

but the nod and brush up against her leg

was uninvited

and yet, she did nothing to push him away

where is the line between harassment and a pick up

when does marketing become stalking?

she is carried away in the crimson tide

enticed, annoyed, but enchanted

by his hairy cave man ways

some day he will get what’s coming she thought

and she will read about it on the internet

and the whole world will wonder, why not sooner?

enticed, annoyed, but enchanted

she made the wrong choice

a self-living life

7 Dec

soon they say

a self-living life

as soon as they get all the kinks out

we will be able to kick back and grin

letting the waves crash upon the shore

no worries anymore

sittin’ pretty

we will all be free to watch the show

as our self-living life unfolds

strictly according to our code

no risk, no bust, no bother

safe within our artificial bliss

boring? you think?

this must be a glitch

we will soon have this fixed


have you ever felt?

6 Dec

have you ever felt like you didn’t exist?

that you were an imposter

filling in for an actor who called in sick?

the audience knows that you are not what you claim

and yet they play along

anything else would be impolite

has it ever felt this way to you?

as if you weren’t yourself

and your friends and loved ones know this too?

but they are careful not to let on

but still…you can tell that they can tell

have you ever felt this way and didn’t want to say?