out on the margins

31 Mar

it’s getting pretty crowded

out on the margins

where the behavior is questionable

the lessons are hard and

the fever is high

shuffled about from corner to corner

until marginalized

not quite out of sight, out of mind

but close

what sort of world will we have then

with a huge empty courtyard filled

with white

where the rich people meet and greet

and discuss what might be done about

all the crazy doodles and what not

the nasty comments scrawled across the walls

out on the margins

of this world

out of my head

30 Mar

out of my head

and floating

free of the chains of care

i am anywhere and

i can feel my spirit rising

to whatever occasion is needed

out of my head

babbling nonsense

but sweetly, cheerfully i should think

like songbirds on a spring day

gliding, floating for a moment motionless

high above the city streets

free of the troubling stare

out of my head

but fully aware

i am everywhere and

i can feel my heart pounding

What is this place?

29 Mar

What is this place where the air is still?

and the light is bright but doesn’t seem

to emanate from any particular place?

and people go about their business silently

and naked

As if all that had been hidden is revealed

and everyone acts as if nothing is happening

What is this place? Where is it? What am I doing there?

In a hurry, it seems, but I never get to that other place

the one everyone in this place wish they could be

Leaving us all just yearning but trying not to let it show

that we have no clothes at all and

all our scars are there in clear bright light of

What is this place?

Just what are we all doing here?

What would happen if I touched your face

and stole a kiss? in this strange emotionless place?

Would we awake to our nakedness and ask

for directions to paradise?

Would we, in our polite but naked manner

steal a glance and feel the heat of

something we promised ourselves to forget?

What is this place? and do I have the courage

or the desire to do what is not allowed

and say those forbidden words

We are lost and naked and we don’t where or why or when

What is this place?

In search of the Comfort Club

28 Mar

I sat in the hot sun

all of my belongings sitting in a van

along with the belongings of other

lost men

in a parking lot in a dream induced city

somewhere where we could all make

a new start

in search of the Comfort Club

if only the edges of this life could be a

little less sharp

the light a little less bright

and as I pondered upon this thought

the van sped off down that boundless street

filled with all the stuff we had gathered

in case we needed it later

lost now

blessedly lost, like a new born baby, lost

in search of the Comfort Club

a warm place filled with a soft light

sitting at an old oak table with a select few

where kindness is offered instead of advice

and we are accepted without question

surrounded by a deep brown of an ancient


which has built up over time until

impregnable and eternal

a tall blond woman in a long brown gown

took my worn brown notebook and my worn brown pen

guiding me in

to The Comfort Club

Behind a veil of belief

27 Mar

What if I were to tell you that

what is what is not what

but only what you choose

to believe

From the very moment we spoke

and formed an idea

the world as it is was hidden away

Behind a veil of belief

If we only knew what secret yearnings

what secret stories are never being told

for fear of what others

will believe

Odd, isn’t it? How it really isn’t the Truth

we have to fear

but what we make of what we have

Behind a veil of belief

disguised and distorted

but a billion different notions

which test and bend

till what is left is a bizarre kind of world

not at all what it really is at all

Behind a veil of belief

Certain subjects

26 Mar

I believe there are certain subjects

which if not approached with caution

can cause severe brain damage

insanity or possibly cause a person

to become a professional comedian

Certain subjects just can’t be discussed

without explosions taking place within

the body, as if there had been dynamite

tucked away in all the vital organs

waiting for a controlled demolition

once that subject is broached

and the taboo is broken

Unfortunately these are the subjects we

most need to know about

they are the subjects which could reveal

that there is more to this life than

this stupid dog and pony show

Ouch! just putting those words upon the screen

caused a sharp pain in my rib

Gotta watch myself or else

just ease off and think about other things

and I will feel a whole lot better

The Bigger Me

25 Mar

I stuff my mouth

I stuff my mind

I stuff my stuff with still more stuff

and yet

I can’t seem to satisfy the little me

but sometimes something grabs ahold

and takes me somewhere

It makes no difference how I struggle

cry or complain

there is no choice when confronted with

The bigger me

It is as if I had a child within myself

and this child has guided too much of my life

leaving the bigger me

in unborn mystery

what was never born can never die

perhaps the little me is just a game

an avatar for something much much bigger

maybe me is not me anymore

but unfathomable

carrying that little guy up into the clouds

no choice whatsoever

I’m working it out

24 Mar

I’m applying some steam to

my step and

finding a safe little space all my own

I’m a little bit rough

and not at all ready, but

I’m working it out

feeling the letters of messages sent

so very long ago

over time the past can become bumpy

visible only to the blind

like braille, but

I’m working it out

slowly I turn

step by step

Niagara Falls!

I never understood that joke


23 Mar

Somewhere I am enrolled in a class

in Early English Literature

taught by a quaint and proper little old lady

dressed in black lace

But I can’t seem to find the classroom

and I running quite late

I race up the stairs with the black wrought iron railings

and the slick marble steps

distracted by the baubles and the beads

of the plaid short skirts of the young women

lining up for lunch in the shiny new cafeteria

and it seems I’ve lost track

and can return to that great old class


High atop the Watchtower

22 Mar

Boy it sure is windy up here!

High atop the Watchtower

and the Angels never say too much

and I try not to disturb their gaze

their eyes disturb me in my dreams at night

what do they see out there upon the edges

of the World? and just how long until we all

Wake Up!!!

High atop the Watchtower is a lonely place

nothing upon which to distract my soul

nothing to allow me to forget who I am

not even for a heartbeat

The Angels are not interested in explanations or excuses

or any kind of philosophical speculations

at least it seems that way to me in that

I could talk all day and night and they

would only seem a bit annoyed and tell me to

imagine myself as a pool of water

in which each word I utter is like a pebble

one or two may fascinate but if there too many

you shall break up into competing patterns

which could easily drive you insane

High atop the Watchtower

any movements become amplified

and so it is better to be very still

very aware, and confident within that stillness

(Darn! there went another pebble!)


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