me too

23 Feb

of course i have felt the slings and arrows

of the fickle finger of fate

i have felt the glances of the fork tongued

devil may cares

who make their living a bitcoin at a time

for every juicy bit of gossip they can find

i have listened in to those kinds of conversations

heard the siren call of the forbidden


for your eyes only, bigshot

i know how it feels to be evaluated

for someone’s late night pleasures

me too

i have felt the humiliation and the guilt

and the anger over spilled milk

me too, me too, me too

i wish i could retire

22 Feb

i’m not 65

i’m not in need of intensive care

i can walk on my own

talk on my own

dream on my own

thank you very much!

for all the years of working to survive

i wish i could retire

sit just outside the door of my little beach bungalow

stark naked and not caring who knows it

old naked retirees, the beach is full of them

but i need to wait for a bit longer

and retire when there are a few more loose screws

and no one knows what to do with an old naked man

i’m slippin’out, i’m slippin’ in

21 Feb

i’m slippin’ on out of this one trick town

glory bound, i’m a summer hound

what’s lost sooner or later is found

so long as i just keep moving

i’m slippin’ in to paradise

got my card, got my number, got my name

i’m ready to join the sweet insane

who have never know a day

they couldn’t whip into shape

slippin’ slidin’ learned this a long time ago

just like Little Richard

may not rock so well, but i sure can roll

some days slippin’ out, some days slippin’ in

just look at the fabulous mess i’m in

not enough time and space

20 Feb

so much i wish i could do

but i am stuck in the mud with you

two nickels make a dime

but there isn’t enough time

to make it all matter

not enough time and space

for the grand design

the perfect vacation from life

not enough time and space

to become who i am

so much to tell

and i am tired of writing it all out

not enough time and space

to work it all out

it’s just hard

20 Feb

i know how you hate it

the way i can be sometimes

full of resentment towards

situations beyond my control

you want me to smile and forget

just let it go

but the memories pull at me

tug at me

and i don’t understand the sudden



until our friendship withers away

from neglect

and a lack of love and respect

it’s just hard to put a happy spin

on this whole thing

sorry to disappoint my readers once again

can’t login

19 Feb

i can’t remember your password

i wrote it down somewhere

something about a ‘teddy bear’

and your username changes

with each passing day

sometimes you are close

sometimes far away

i can’t login

i can’t login to your heart

i am no longer online

no longer hooked up


in my little room

pompous people

18 Feb

i don’t like people who are full of themselves

pompous people, with no sense of humor

but full of enlightenment they are eager to share

self styled gurus

because they serve as a mirror

for my own egotism

my own pompous tendencies

my own eagerness to dispense my pearls of wisdom

i don’t like people shouting from soap boxes

while failing to notice my own soap box

i am an easy person to hate

but i am also an easy person to love

any mirror can become a doorway

how’s that for wisdom, huh?

yep! i am a pretty special guy

just call me your Majesty

why are you reading this?

18 Feb

i was wondering as i type these words

is anyone going to read this?

and if so, why?

are you looking for something to perk up your day?

or maybe some inspiration?

or some kind of intimate connection

unavailable any other way?

or are you simply bored?

are you feeling sad and lonely

and hoping to find a kindred spirit?

or are you angry and looking to pick a fight?

doesn’t really matter, words on a screen

are words on a screen, nothing more

it’s not an embrace, soft words, or a kiss

heck! it’s not even a handshake

or a howdy doo

but if my words help fill the emptiness

or bring a smile of recognition

or piss you off, bore you, whatever the reaction

i will have done a poet’s job

i am whole

17 Feb

i am fascinated by dark places

i am intrigued by the distortions

the hallucinations brought on by

forbidden fantasies

i am teased by the taboo

but no matter what words may appear

upon this blank canvas

i am not what i write

i am not the darkness i invite

i am the sunrise

i am brightness

i am whole

and complete

protected by someone i see only

in my dreams

so don’t worry about the words

what begins as a hurricane

soon becomes a soft and delicate breeze

don’t mess with me

17 Feb

don’t mess with me

for i am churning hot

with resentment

the world i was promised

was not the world i was given

don’t mess with me

for i am so sad

that i no longer care about forgiveness

sunshine and laughter make me angry

for i know it all to be a lie

don’t mess with me

i have germs you don’t want

living inside your body

i am a disease

born of love unrequited

don’t mess with me