geezer city

3 May

the wind is hot

and the sky is clear

out here in geezer city

nothing much to do but watch the hawk

circling high overhead

it’s so damn hot today

i could fry an egg on my forehead

better go into town for some eggs

i thought

into geezer city

where all the old people sit around

and forget why they came here

something about taking care of their heart

they say

it’s too damn hot for a conversation

turnabout is fair play

2 May

if you lie you will be lied to

if you are cruel you will be treated cruelly

but if you speak the truth you will hear the truth

and if you are kind you will be treated kindly

turnabout is fair play

the hunter becomes the prey

the arrogant rich man shooting off his big mouth

becomes the toothless bum pissing himself in a doorway

we all become angry at times and want to hurt those

who have hurt us

off with their heads!

the living must die

so that the dead can live

turnabout is fair play

have a good day!

try not to trip over all those severed heads


1 May

a sticky, slimy sort of a day it is

sweltering under the elms

somebody said something but

i can’t get up enough strength

to say a single word


a heavy day

a sweaty day

a day spent in the shade

where it is still too hot for breathing

sort of day

i’d write a bit more

but i’m melting away

into a smelly puddle

everybody thinks they know me

30 Apr

I had Jerry SeinfeldĀ  in my dreams last night

that could be a good thing

that could be a bad thing

depending on a lot of different things

most of which are beyond Jerry’s control

or anyone’s control really

am i making any sense?

do you understand what I’m saying?

because I know I’m taking up a lot of your valuable time

with this little poem and…

well….I guess what I have to say is

everybody thinks they know me

but they don’t

they really don’t

I’m just an entertainer

tossing words around

you like it

or you don’t

either way I still don’t get paid

The Letter

29 Apr

Today I got a letter from an admirer

he claimed he was Satan himself or herself or whatever

and he thought I was a perfect candidate

for his University of Hell

I ignored it

I get junk mail from Hell all the time

and besides

I should never trust a compliment such as this

considering the source

come to think of it

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten any junk mail from Heaven


except for all those stupid catalogs


28 Apr

I had a dream of a dark



the best view of the worst part

of the city

gritty with death

and absolutely no pity

a river of shit

more added each hour

buried in waste

we breath it, we eat it

we live in it

dark lives lived with a strange kind of fear

a fear that leaves you deaf, blind, and dumb

such a dream!

My God how I hate

such dark dreams


27 Apr

grey day holds me in it’s grip

damp, dirty and sore

waiting for the inevitable downpour

ugly is as ugly does

not a single face i recognize

some people can be so cruel

jinxed by jove

26 Apr

feeling like i’m about to explode

this load is

much too heavy for a mortal man

jinxed by jove

tricked by a lollipop possibility

posing as a pop tart pop star

president of corn flakes

corner shot

feeling like i’m about to turn into a toad

this load is

an embarrassment of riches

i wish i had been told

about the fool’s cap

the fool’s gold

bad ass girl

25 Apr

she was a bad ass girl

from South Carolina

she had seen so much

and heard so much

that now she only gets her news

from the National Enquirer

she’s got spunk

she’s got nerve

and if you catch her on a Saturday night

there’s no telling what you might learn

about having ghosts for lovers

and a mean hard fist of a life

spent undercover

a bad ass girl

any trailer is as good as another

when those planes come in for a landing

too fast and too furious

there can only be a crash pad then

back to home sweet loony bin

life’s a bitch

24 Apr

life’s a bitch and then

you die

the bumper sticker said

life has no father it claims

just a stupid accident

life just happens when you’re drunk or on drugs

unplanned and unwanted life

a bitch

and then you die

i hate those kinds of bumper stickers

i hate that kind of life


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